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This poem is meant to be recited in the classical tradition of a bard, The Meadowlands is a story of two lovers and their journey through time toward the culmination of their material existence. It is meant to give us a peek into the Universe beyond the life we know… Read More
Love is so powerful that you can wait for the one you love forever to come around,even if it means death.So this poem is about a women waiting to be united with her loved one.Enjoy this sweet misery with her. Read More
A poem about unconditional love between friends. Agape platonic. Read More
My ideas about how to create what you really want in life Read More
This is a short story about a man, aged 50-55. He suffers from a heart disease. Doctors suggest him to join an exercising center. He has to leave her granddaughter to do so. The turning point is when he gets all retarded colleagues. Will he be able to see his… Read More
A woman's power is undefined. It lies buried beneathe layers of emotions, that when hurt, is protected by defensive concrete walls. This is my journey of enlightenment ... My realization of power; and The dawn of my spiritual awakening. Read More
This will give you, hopefully, the extended version of what love really means. Read More
About how unconditional love can cause morals to change for the worse. Read More
I wrote this a few years ago....Life's is good now, am blessed with happiness and just live freely. Read More
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