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wealth comes in many forms. Read More
This is a poem I wrote as I struggle with a past relationship ship and the thin line between love and hate. And the reference to Ben is a reference to the character in the movie 7 pounds :) enjoy. Read More
Earthly circumstances trying to destroy my trust in Jesus! Choosing not to give in to despair! Read More

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All that Jesus is to me! No matter what is going on in my earthly life, this is Who Jesus is to me - and has been since He Burst into my life on 4th June, 1984! Read More
What would I do, when life is simply too complicated and painful to contemplate, if I didn't have Jesus as my Rock? Read More
Working through my humanity with The Holy Spirit! I have no idea what I would do without Jesus, Father God and The Holy Spirit! Read More
My human DESPERATION at a lifetime of really big challenges! Even in the midst of the darkest hours, Jesus is always here with me! Read More
My humanity and my relationship with Jesus! Written on my birthday - the day our car officially died and I was at my wits end! Read More
My humanity - and Jesus' Reminders to me when I need to keep my eyes fixed on Him! My 57th birthday - a day when circumstances were screaming that God didn't care! Jesus was still Enabling me to enter into Fellowship with Him! Read More
God's Joy to the world - and Mary's place in it! (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John's Gospels) Mary's part in God's Plan of Salvation! Read More
The Life changing Love of Jesus! The effect that Jesus' Love has! Read More
The gratitude that I feel towards Jesus! An increasing desire is growing to share Jesus with the lost and broken-hearted of this world! Read More
A heartcry for Jesus' Mercy and Love to Turn our nation around! Our nation is lost unless we get on our knees before Jesus! Read More
Jesus' Call from Behind 'The Veil'! The Precious Time that I spend with Jesus! Read More
Challenging people about God! Questions to make people think! Read More
Asking Jesus questions! All that I long to share with the people of this world! Read More
Asking Jesus for His Enabling Power! I need Jesus to be all that He Asks me to be, as I minister His Love to the people in this broken-hearted world! Read More
An appeal for Christians to let The Holy Spirit do His Work! So many Christians stride through people's lives with 'hob nail boots', in their efforts to 'get people sorted out'! Read More
Jesus' Invitation to open my heart to Him! (Revelation 3:20-22) Jesus' Love has Completely Won my heart! Read More
All that Jesus has Done for me! I have a Destiny with Jesus in Heaven, for Eternity! Read More
Jesus Came to me as my Saviour and my Bridegroom! I wouldn't change my life because of my experience of The Jesus I know and love - but I'm glad that not many people came to Him as I did! Read More
Legion's life before and after he met Jesus! (Matthew 8:28-34; Mark 5:1-20; Luke 8:26-39) The Peace of Mind of Jesus is A Reality (no matter what our earthly circumstances!)when we stay in Relationship with Him spiritually! Read More
Jesus' Ministry in my life! Whoever I am now, I am because of Jesus... whatever may be seen to be good in me! Read More
The inn keeper's perception of The Birth of Jesus! (Luke 2:1-7) Compassion moved the heart of the inn keeper to at least put a roof over the heads of Mary, Joseph and Jesus' heads! Read More
Joseph's initial response to the news of Mary's pregnancy! (Matthew 1:19-25) Gabriel's visit enabled Joseph to stand by Mary and be a Father to Jesus! Read More
The three kings visit to Jesus! (Matthew 2:1-12) The journey of the Maji and God's Warning to them about Herod! Read More
Gabriel's Visit to Mary in Nazareth! (Matthew 1:18; Luke 1:26-38) Gabriel invited Mary to be the Mother of Jesus - and Prophesied what it would mean for her personally - and for humanity! Read More
The angels prophesy to the shepherds! (Luke 2:8-20) Shepherds were 'the lowest of the low' in the Jewish society of the day! Yet God Sent angels to draw them to Bethlehem! Read More
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