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November 09, 2015

The poem of an underdog. They will always treat you like you're wrong for as long as it takes to prove yourself right. Read More
I think believe the best writings come from broken hearts, busted dreams and beat-up souls. I am well aware comparing the devil to the freedom might bring some kind of discontent between some of you. But, I am a writer, and I write about how I feel. This does not… Read More
A little something I wrote when I was feeling emotional. Read More
A girl trying to escape the clutches of some people while afraid as its the first time for her to be free Read More
Through the fires of passion and burning desire I break the monotony. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Based on the lyric of a song 'the weight on your sholders will make you a stronge man' Read More
A Twyla, one of the mystical beings that ordains all magic, narrates the first few years of the life of a young boy. This boy is named Doelan, and he is an orphan in Halhor, home to the eternally young gislers. Still a child, even by their standards, he is… Read More
a story about a girl from london who has to live life on the edge, thisis part 1 so just a short part introducing her to you. Read More
Awards for all the underdogs Read More
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