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Why, did you ever wonder, was it always tea time for the Mad Hatter and the March Hare? Some say they're just mad, but I suspect a bit of ill-will with time better explains it. This is my first short story, in which the Mad Hatter remembers a visit he… Read More

Book / Horror

August 25, 2012

Until one day from the Looking Glass A new Alice came Though it wasnt a girl The boy had been thrown in without choice Pale purple eyes surveyed his surroundings What kind of place was so blackened and dead? Where had he gone? Why was he here? Confusion clouded his… Read More
Maxilean (Max-ah-lean) Kingsleigh is Alice Kingsleigh's 16 year old daughter. She knows how to act like a proper young lady, but much like he mother she hate the restrictions society forces on her. Since she was 13 Maxilean, (commonly known as Maxey or Max.) has been in and out of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Abbygale Su and her family had just moved into their new house. Things went great but not after the great evil witch cast a spell on her. Now she has to face the ugliest truth--She is now a spirit. She hovers and even penetrates the walls! Moreover, she is not… Read More
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