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A warcry in a form of poetry. Today's happening in Philippines in time of pandemic. Everyone turned against each other, forgetting who their real enemy is. Read More
All humans are the same, never look at the color that differentiate us, we are all created to be one. Read More

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A poem written by Happy Birdie about how love doesn't choose gender, but rather - love accommodates everyone. Read More

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We must reveal the willingness to be one as the time on the living earth has no end. Let not send this scripts missing something for the future we want. :) Read More

Poem / Non-Fiction

October 27, 2019

I will call this piece of writing, this poem, “The Flame.” Never underestimate the power of individuals. Never underestimate the potential of a single step. Read More
The article expounds the strength in unity Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 13, 2019

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Poem / Poetry

August 13, 2019

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He who walks in the eightfold noble path with unswerving determination is sure to reach Nirvana. Buddha Read More
This is a Christmas story written from the hearts voice within. May you draft this real. :) Read More

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Poem / Poetry

October 28, 2018

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Featured Review by Jeff Bezaire

"A lovely poem, Hully. A real feel good piece! You express those special feelings in uplifting, wonderful ways, capturing the tenderness and in..." Read More

Midnight Fall new the branches midnight fall the bitter taste of it’s moments to call today i stand fully erected like a port at storm chasing the dreams from my head sharpen your arrows along the path do the math then react taste the folly gone before us whisper… Read More

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The power of sport making a difference to the world. Read More
Galyss, an orange dragon, strays too far in the Dark Forest after an attack from the Black Kingdom. The odds of her returning are low. Can she beat those odds, and return safely to her mother? Read More

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The Presence of God's Glory. Read More

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Book / Mystery and Crime

March 09, 2018

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A not-so-special girl, a boy every one knows, a silhouette in a dream... Read More

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The Dreams of a Shaman in a concrete Jungle This is my Thank You to The Universe, Mother Gaia, Elohim ( Water, Earth, Air , Light / The Holy Spirit/ The Helpers, Wakan Tanka, Hehewuti) , my Spirit Guide: "Blue" This is a story of Dreaming....For that is all this… Read More
this story is about four friends and their unity. this tells the reader, how one can achieve anything and almost everything if they are united. Read More

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Just a thought to make the world a better place to survive in. Read More

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A lesson that needs to be learned. Read More
We need to stand in unity as women. Read More

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The story of two mountaineers being the first to scale the highest point in the world in 1953, was a massive achievement and a feat for human kind. But for me, it wasn't just about the fact that two men had successfully climbed Mount Everest. It was the fact that… Read More
The long nights of wondering when it all was going to get better are over. Can't sit around and let my people gain what is at stake here. Read More
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