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It's a story of two best friends. The boy named Rahul, a IT professional, proposed Anu, who is one of his best friend. Will their love story will touch the milestone at last? or will get a new milestone that one couldn't imagine? Read More

Poem / True Confessions

September 12, 2018

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The Vintage Publishing House

Missing you... Read More

Poem / Poetry

June 26, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

this is how i feel about my mom. i think i might always feel this way... Read More

Poem / Romance

November 02, 2017

Tags: again, unloved, used

depression can make u see things in a very different way Read More

Tags: pain, broken, unloved

I wrote this, in 2010. It's part of my 9th lyric set, End Of The Alpha. Read More
It is a one way love affair. Being unloved arises confusion whether to hate the person or not. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"I hate my life, and everyone thinks I'm happy." We all feel sad sometimes. But, only some us feel depression. We feel no need to go on, and I'm so aware of that. I suffer from triggers of depression, and I know people here who do, too. This is a… Read More

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A girl locked in a room for a mysterious and heart breaking purpose. Read More
This is a brief overview of what I think sounds the age of growth, that moment when you become yourself and you're able to hold your own hand. It's my first writing, please be gentle. Read More
Just trying to sort thoughts Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 01, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

down on life down on myself sometimes yields a positive result. Read More

Tags: sadness, unloved

Everyone is evil. No one human being is sincere. You can't trust one single person. Read More

Poem / Romance

April 30, 2014

the irony a majority of females tend to obliviously miss Read More

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She is unloved. She has no reason to be in this world any more. That's what SHE thinks.. Please comment it's my 1st poetry attempt Read More
A group of needy people find an answer. Read More

Essay / True Confessions

January 01, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

You just have to read to understand. Read More
It's kinda cryptic, but its about a mother and child. See if you get it. Read More
Elizabeth Stone a 14 year old girl born in time for WW2. Elizabeth family hate her and are glad she will be evacuated but what they don't know is that Elizabeth has a amazing gift which will give her a home, a family and maybe a love. Join Elizabeth on… Read More

Poem / Poetry

April 18, 2013

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I hope that you all enjoy my poems. Thank you so much for all of you who actually like my stuff. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Life is full of ups and downs. There have defiantly been more downs in mine. From a young age I've felt like an out cast, even in my own home. Living with a mum that doesn't really notice me and a brother that couldn't care less if I were to… Read More
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