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I took both modern and old world history, along with twisting in some lore to make a mirrored story. Oddly the turn of events for both eras, happen have to started in March, and fit so well together. Read More
What some may think is urban myth, may happen once again, not by being poor, but by our own hand. I urge everyone with more than what they need, to eat a can of Alpo, or Whiskas. At least before every meal, so you know what it is like to… Read More

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The beast Aslan races across Narnia determined to get to his enemy's palace Cair Paravel with two son's of Adam riding on his back. What happens to four of the son's of Adam when they leave Narnia? Where do they go from there? Read on to find out! Read More
Lily Kettle finds herself spending some quality time with the father of her deceased boyfriend in the dark jungle in Mzzuan, the never ending maze. She happily takes to bounding with him there, but however are they about to catch up with someone in the maze who they seem to… Read More
Captain Hook continues to explore the magical land of Narnia alongside his brand new companion Alice from Wonderland. Killian begins to receive rather odd memories of his that he really can't quite remember take in that have happened to him. Read More
Lily Kettle takes to preparing herself for battle! A battle is just about to break out in Mzzuan. Lily will have to stand both brave and tall alongside her friends if she is going to win the battle. Also take to returning to Narnia Read More
Continuing on with the many adventures that are now going on in the never ending maze of Mzzuan. There's a monstrous desert in Mzzuan. Three new people now take to arriving in it and they are both Tom Clarkson and his family. What will their adventures in Mzzuan hold for… Read More
RAZZ KEVINS HAS RETURNED! He's now frozen in thick solid ice before where Johnny Taylor, Liam O'Donovan and Aslan the golden lion are standing directly before him in Narnia. There's a destiny that the lion knows about and he now wishes to put it into place. Read More
August Wayne Booth, Neal Cassidy and Rose Tyler have all now suddenly found themselves trapped as prisoners in the cold enchanted dark realm of Narnia to the new white witch there. The protector of Narnia Aslan now seems to have turned evil, and so he is now a great big… Read More
More of August's story is explored in this episode. It explains what happened to him over the course of the missing year that took place in once upon a time season 3. It also explains what happens to August his friend Neal and their new friend Rose Tyler now that… Read More
Lily Kettle is now back to being inside her own body and Hook's back to being inside his. Lily's been reunited with her friends and now she tries to find a way out of the never ending maze that she's currently trapped in with them. May contain some swear words… Read More
Lily Kettle who's still in the pirate Captain Hook's body arrives at the great palace in the Never Ending maze of Mzzuan. She's partnered herself up with Captain Hook's own right hand man Mr Smee. Elsewhere back home on earth Lily's friends continue their tiredless search for her. They won't… Read More
Doctor who character Rose Tyler makes her way into our stories in this part of the adventure. A wicked witch kidnaps her from her home garden and takes her away as her prisoner. Will Rose be rescued from the witch? Read on to find out! Read More
My favorite Once Upon a time August Wayne Booth enters himself into the adventure in this part of the series. He arrives in the city of London and he comes across an old friend who he really needs to help there. Read More
Lily Kettle is now in a never ending maze that is known as Mzzuan. She was kidnapped by the great big bad villain Captain Hook and taken there. This episode sees her coming to terms with just where she now is. Lily battles her enemy pirate in Mzzuan, but things… Read More

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Dreams! That's the key word in this part of the adventure as people continue to enter their way into other people's dreams. Both Tracy and Razz continue their search for their missing friend Lily together. Will they ever find her or will they lose themselves along the way? Read More
A magical waterfall brings a young lad back to life from the dead when this part of the adventure begins, who is this young man though, well I suggest that you read on to find out just who on earth he is. Read More
When this part of the adventure begins we learn just how Cora was able to return from the dead, because she isn't really supposed to be alive right now. Tracy Beaker continues her travels round Liverpool city along with both Razz and his sister Hannah Kevins. They continue their search… Read More
Tracy Beaker sets out determined to track down her dear friend Lily Kettle just wherever she may be. It would seem that Tracy's able to both enter into and to explore other people's dreams. Cora seems to have been kidnapped by someone who's unlucky enough to be in grave danger… Read More
Lily Kettle has now been placed under a sleeping curse and in her sleeping curse she finds herself starting to have some rather weird dreams. She dreams of herself going back home to the Dumping Ground, but a lot of things seem to have changed there when she returns there. Read More
Lily Kettle suddenly finds herself facing up to a wicked witch. Lily's in for a great big shock as she comes to learn something crazy about herself that she really didn't know about. Read More
Kerry Ravens' life has managed to be saved, but she now finds herself serving a wicked witch. Kerry has been sent out to kill none other than Daniel Kevins. Lily however believes Kerry who she refers to as her Aunty to be dead, so she is now grieving over her… Read More
Today people imagine that there is no after life and that they will not be resurrected and that they will not be subject to any form of accountability or punishment. They are leading lives as they think is fit without realizing that the Creator created mankind for the purpose of… Read More
A Journey in to the world of your inner mind, One man goes on a quest to figure out why he's trapped in what he thinks is a dream, what will chris do what will he find, will you discover something true to you? Read More
My story, expected to be in around 5 parts. Read More

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Something or someone you wished to see. Will it come true? I hope it is once in a dream come true. Read More

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accord star friendship star love star reconciliation star truce star unity star amity star armistice star cessation star conciliation star concord star neutrality star order star pacification star pacifism star treaty star Read More

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Dancing beams are all around they can be anywhere. From soft lights to shadows on the wall. Read More
12 beats upon the Rythmn in a rope-a-dope style erstwhile child of God Lyrical Miracle Mile Eyes of mine see Horizons witnessed Like a Jehovahs Witness sitting in a pew made for movement Doing Gods work behind the wheel steel radial player tho' make you look at collar rank Dub… Read More
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