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This ghost story is based on an urban legend. Read More
Pandora Evans always considered herself average, nothing out of the ordinary. She only had her father and that was all she had ever needed. Until things changed, these creatures began showing up. Her father was missing and she was alone. It terrified her how everything once simple, was swirling out… Read More
This week I will post creatures from Japanese mythology that I think are interesting. Hopefully, I can offer you some inspiration with your writing. Read More
This will be a story about a boy somehow ending up in the Japanese underworld also known as Meido. Not knowing how or why he was suddenly here, he tries to escape of this nightmare. Read More

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Yokai Stories is a book, containing multiple short stories that represent different yokai. These Short stories try to summarize specific traits of a yokai, and put them into a new interesting way, that may or may not affect his life. These kind of short stories are light-hearted, and not… Read More
A collection of eastern style poems about monsters, mostly modern. The tone is mostly on the horror side. There may likely be more to come. Read More
(DISCLAMER: I do not own the urban legends in this story. I only own my urban legend Dev Roykie.) Once again my daughter, Bo is in this. Remember Bo if you look at my Quotev account (Ruth Ropè AKA TheWarGirl). Please no hate. Cuz my internet fucking with me. It… Read More
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