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Book / Fantasy

October 24, 2019

This is the real story of how four people saved the world. It should have only taken a week tops but ended up taking exactly seven months and sixteen days. Read More
Nia, a video-game addict, is forced out of isolation when she discovers her telepathic abilities. Welcome to the psion society, where you never know who's spying on your thoughts, which memories are yours, and where shadows lurk. Least of all, Nia knows about the bizarre realm found inside her… Read More
"When he was a child, Allen’s grandmother used to read to him from an old book. There were dozens of fables. Often they featured witless young witches, who despite all warning, failed to stay away from blood magic. Their fates were ugly, tragic. True to tradition, Allen failed just… Read More

Book / Fantasy

November 23, 2017

Demons are real, and they are deadly. Only a select few know how to protect the public and keep the truth of the world secret. Read More
This is a story I recently wrote for contest. You had to choose a picture and write a story. It's based on a character I'm working on in my Magicka story. Cynthia is not the chosen one, she is the cursed one. Her life isn't easy and it turns upside… Read More
Some are Heroes. Some are Villains. Some can be Mentors, or Antiheroes. Most become Extras. And a number of unfortunate few become Sacrifices. Hexameron: a city of ordinary people, with ordinary lives. Every so often, some are called to a place known as Storyboard, where an organization known as Deus… Read More
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