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“Usagi” is the first book in a series about a youth battling his schizophrenia and its complications. His main conflicts in this book deals with his rocky relationship with God, a hallucination referred to as Oni, and the return of a longtime crush. I used experiences from my own… Read More

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*update 2016 - this story is horrible and I know I can do better than this. Ill be rewriting it entirely very soon.* Usagi, a young Japanese boy who lives in an alternate universe where everyone is part animal, is homeless and friendless after the deaths of his parents, but… Read More
Two years after leaving Earth to return to her home planet of Kinmoku, Sailor Star Figher is longing to see the woman she loves... Tsukino Usgai. But Usagi has Mamoru... How could Fighter ever compare? Read More
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