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These are half-true jokes in a script form. Please do not take offensively, but they contain messages about the site in some ways. Some of you may relate! Enjoy! :) Read More
Simply a deal where I draw a character from your novel, with the exchange of a comment on my novel! (Was originally on my profile, but decided to move it for more room). Read More
This is for all the nasty, entitled leaches in this world. They may have legitimate issues, but who doesn't! These people choose to take no road or the low road taking what they can from others, nothing is ever enough, and it is owed to them. Mindset like this spreading… Read More
Those archetypes that make Booksie annoying. Read More
This is a list of the eighteen species of Facebook users. These stereotypes are accounts of the types of people I have seen using Facebook in my experience with the website. I rated it "R" for the presence of language and mature themes, but I think this would be suitable… Read More
Conversations can start off in a number of ways, but very few conversations that begin with a formal or informal greeting actually lead to a constructive discussion. It depends upon a number of factors, including the interest areas and compatibility of the speakers and also the objective of the conversation.… Read More
This is a chain story! This link is the first in the chain, so read to the bottom to see who I pass the chain to! Byee! Read More
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