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Millenia has passed and democracy has been honed to the quintessential edge of perfection. Pain, suffering, loss and even diverging opinions have been ironed out from day-to-day living, but without these traits, some feel as if their humanity has been stripped away. Idealna Huta, Utopia, sends an investigation team out… Read More
This is a piece where the good aspects of video games are explored Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Embark on a thriller of the stranded on Roanoke Island, cursed by the pirates making all who dwell there, immortal. Together, everyone on Roanoke Island struggle for years trying to create a peaceful society together. One particular boy, Ned battles himself with anxiety and the sadness of not having an… Read More
Long after the Trinity Wars, a world of light approaches the Earth. ARTIKA, a new-world regime in practice of mysterious sciences, discovers a staggering revelation. Where there is light, there is life. One blessed, the other cursed, war ensues between Earth and a star-traveling world—Niaysia. Corrine, curious to discover ARTIKA’s… Read More
In a Utopian future society and order reign. People are provided for and comfortable,but are they free? Read More

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May 09, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Quench- The utopian city everyone thought was more than perfect. It was productive with thick wall borders to protect the citizens against the dead barren lands plaguing the outside borders. After the war tore and decimated humans last time, survivors built the city. It was a stronghold to protect the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"City 17" is a dystopian novel set in 2073. The city is run by a corrupt government in which 17 year old Jack and Faith urge to escape it's tight grip. Read More
First chapter of a dystopian book. This chapter is about a girl who grows up in a society where when they turn 16 they are sorted into colors based on personality. As an FYI, the formatting got messed up from my word doc. Read More
Dr. James Grove has finally succeeded in creating a perfect human for what he believes to be for the use of science and the common good. When the first member of his Utopian Society awakes after being trapped in a land of dark isolation, needles, and induced comas for nearly… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A collapsing Utopian world is discovered midway through destruction; by its own co-founder. Read More
I never wanted life. It found me. My life was static; an unchanging pattern. Now it is different. This is my real story. It starts with little girl and a piece of candy. Read More
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