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In the coast of the Lenian Sea, a young guard dreams of becoming a great Paladin and possibly find his lost Father, however his bravery falters and he fears he will not be ready to embark on such a dangerous Journey... The first chapter of the Monthly Updated "Paladins Tale". Read More
In the outerplanes, the domain of the Gods of Vaelia: the God of Knowledge and the Goddess of Luck met and shared a drink, and like always, they argued and fought, as they always had, over the nature of all. A night like any other, in the hall of the… Read More

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Sir Jordine was regarded as one of the most successful human commanders that had ever lived. Winner of over hundreds of battles in the Human-Draconic Wars, after such an accomplished life he quietly passed away and rested forever in the Outerplanes...or so it was meant to be. Awakening in his… Read More
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