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In the series finale of The Valley of The Tools, Rob attempts to repair his relationship both with McKenzie and the comedy theatre he purchased, but also with Colleen. McKenzie is surprised by an unconventional proposal from Kevin. Whitney must choose between putting her nose to the grindstone at work… Read More
Rob enters into a new business venture but finds himself the target of intense criticism. McKenzie must deal with the fallout from the purchase of Guffaw's. Whitney and Hannah's relationship begins to heal. Miles finds his career ruined after someone leaks unflattering information to the press. Hannah finds herself unprepared… Read More
Rob and Colleen attempt to escape L.A. while Trey is on the hunt for them. McKenzie and Shira become worried about the potential fate of Guffaw's and their own relationship. Luther reconnects with an old flame in Chicago. Evelyn experiences jealousy for the first time. Bonnie is cast on a… Read More
Rob decides to transition away from the film industry as him and Colleen try to avoid her crazy ex-boyfriend. Bonnie pursues her real estate license, and perhaps more. Miles finds a second wind in his career after his old films achieve cult status. Luther travels to Illinois to testify on… Read More
Fresh off making a shitty God flick with his father, Rob decides to distance himself from him. Whitney attempts to find a way to justify working with religious film producers post-Dobbs. McKenzie finds herself deeply involved with both improv comedy and a sanctioned side-piece named Shira after having been fired… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Cthulhu Mythos poem. Read More
This was written from a prompt for a contest. Though it did not win, I enjoyed it and wanted to share it with all of you Read More
Rebecca Betty Bees has a beau and he has come to call on her under the light of the romantic full-moon. What could go wrong? Read More
Rob reconciles with his dad, now that he’s a born-again preacher, and seeks his advice as to whether he should choose to win Imogen back or start dating Colleen. Whitney feels overwhelmed by the process of selling Miles’ movie while Hannah hassles her to make their relationship official. McKenzie runs… Read More
Rob gets Colleen her own apartment and has to sneak around to shake tabloid tails as he teaches her to live independently, creating a low hum of tabloid buzz about a potential affair. Hannah brings on Bonnie as a guest on Closure, and Xandra’s jealousy threatens to break up the… Read More
Set in the empty plains of Africa, a male lion finds his childhood friend, an elephant who lost his memory and together they must face natural disasters in order to reach a valley as their new home. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I wanted to write about my favorite car, but the story was about some people's dreams, so I compromised and wrote about wheat fields and rain. Oh, by the way. There are two short stories about the same guy, their Titles are as follows, "Before Thunder Valley" --- & ---… Read More
While Chief Justice Roberts swears in Joe Biden as President and in the aftermath of the Capitol insurrection, Rob and his lawyer James Cordic debate whether to change their strategy as lawyers for the prosecution insist on a six-month jail term. Miles and Whitney travel to Peru to film a… Read More
Rob tries to appeal to the Christmas spirit of Trey Goodlatte and Colleen Diamond in the wake of their lawsuit against him. McKenzie tries to stand up for her dad when Sheila is mean to him as they gather for Christmas with her and Kevin. Whitney finally appears on Xandra… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I entered this under humor, but I'm really not sure. Read More
The Mayor of Los Angeles shuts off Rob’s power after he finds out about his election night party, and he has to figure out how to repair his reputation. Luther’s mom tries to repair his relationship with his father when he and Evelyn visit for Thanksgiving. Evelyn assists Hannah with… Read More
It’s November 3rd, 2020, Election Day all across America, and everyone in Stone Productions hunkers down for a potentially long night as President Trump and Vice President Biden square off. Rob hosts another “pod party” at his house. Rob becomes so horrified by the early results, that he is heavily… Read More
The shooting date for Alien AIDs and Human Slaves is moved way up, and after actors drop out, Miles is forced to hire Rob, McKenzie and Bonnie for major roles. Rob and Bonnie quarrel over their acting choices. Kevin is conflicted over his feelings for Evelyn. Miles tries to impress… Read More
Rob has to attract the interest of a financier with daddy issues but has trouble doing so. Hannah tries to get closure with Xandra. Luther, in his new capacity as head of talent management, tries to sign rapper Pop Spiders while trying to ignore his personal distaste for his music. Read More
Rob is tasked with selling a project to a distributor, but the distributors’ strict adherence to Scientology gets in the way. McKenzie finds herself on the other side of her boyfriend’s increasingly pathetic melancholy since he lost his job and needs to whip him into shape without invalidating his feelings.… Read More
Rob becomes very competitive when Whitney puts on a contest to see who can earn the most money for Stone Productions through Cameo. Bonnie grows frustrated when she finds out there’s a lot of overlap between her OnlyFans viewers and her Twitch channel viewers. Miles has to figure out how… Read More
Whitney commissions Rob and McKenzie to influence the Democratic National Convention's message on China, at the behest of their new Chinese business partners. Luther argues with Evelyn over whether her father was a bad person because he was a cop. Hannah debates whether or not to notify Xandra of an… Read More
Robert and Imogen throw a pod party for their official wedding, an outdoor ceremony where every participant is required to have submitted proof that they tested negative on a COVID test and isolated for two weeks beforehand. Rob and Imogen feud over the Chinese direction he’s taken the decoration of… Read More
Rob struggles to avoid relapsing on alcohol when Imogen starts drinking around him regularly. Luther tells Imogen he's sick of their emotionless sex life and relationship. Hannah is visited by her parents after agreeing to outpatient rehab in exchange for no prison time for her cocaine possession offense. Read More
This story was inspired by the cover picture of the tiny owl. --- Oh, and my wife tells me this is a children's story. So I guess anyone could read it. Read More
Rob and McKenzie produce the first ad for his congressional campaign. Here he meets an Australian actress who just moved to LA and takes a liking to her. Whitney is forced to deal with accusations against Bonnie of verbal abuse on the set of Susan B. Trippin’. The first sneak… Read More
After the sudden death of beloved Sapling Technology CEO Jonah Peck, the meek and mild-mannered Roland Coleridge ascends to lead it, with enormous shoes to fill and big doubts from the public and his own company. His assistant Oliver tries to decide whether he should stay the course or leave,… Read More
Rob Altmire tries to slip subliminal advertising for his campaign into "Susan B. Trippin'", so Whitney is forced to have a come-to-Jesus moment with Whitney. Bonnie is hired to play Alice Paul in Susan B. Trippin', but a screen test simply reminds viewers of her porn career. Miles plans a… Read More
Rob plans to launch a campaign for CA-25 after Katie Hill snipes him, and tries to find people to join him, Whitney feels left out after discovering her friends hang out with Hannah without telling her, Hannah becomes concerned that her cocaine habit is becoming an addiction. Read More
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