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Rob drives himself half-crazy under house arrest after resisting the addiction counselor Lilly hired for him, Bonnie and Noel go viral when they document a pair's flirtation on a plane and Bonnie has to deal with Noel's clinginess Read More
Rob gets arrested for driving under the influence, Whitney sends a PI to determine what Hannah is doing after work and Evelyn assists Luther in his hunt for a new apartment. Read More
Rob's father tracks him down and comes to visit, Hannah enrolls in an acting class without Whitney's knowledge and Miles grows frustrated as he continues not to receive credit for bringing in CBS studios Read More
McKenzie's 24th Birthday Party is thrown at her house, where she takes issue with Kevin's constant joking, Lilly finds it strange how distant Rob is around McKenzie & Kevin, Noel argues that Bonnie should finally reveal their relationship and Ryan is wracked with guilt over causing Ashton's death. Things… Read More
Ryan is invited to join a band by a lackadaisical stoner on his street, but soon finds out the tremendous risks involved, Luther meets a robotic young woman at a karaoke bar and Rob meets his match with an egotistical director CBS Studios picked up to do AstroManda Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A woman on a low budget enjoys her day off... Read More
Rob has to deal with the constant sexual tension between him and his new assistant, McKenzie Park, Whitney has a hard time finding a new studio after MGM drops out, so she hits the party circuit and Miles, feeling less and less valued by the day, follows a lead… Read More
Bonnie and Noel struggle to keep their new relationship a secret, Rob has to throw Jamie and her Russian mobsters off the scent and McKenzie grows tired of the constant check-ins from Kevin and her co-workers. Read More
While at a July 4th celebration at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Rob is turned into a vampire by an undead Johnny Ramone. As Robert terrorizes Los Angeles, his girlfriend Lilly and his friends at Altmire-Stone gradually realize what he's become and prepare to fight him and his gang of Vampires.… Read More
Rob visits his ailing step-father, Whitney suspects her parents have been secretly living in her house while she’s been gone, and the Compton gang-bangers go after Luther at work Read More
Lilly catches Rob lying about his past marriage to Jamie, Hannah doesn't feel like Rob is taking her ideas seriously, and Bonnie manages her acting career from her desk at Altmire-Stone Read More
Rob, Whitney and Miles argue over the future of McKenzie at the show, Luther’s friends convince him The Box won’t last and he has to come up with jobs he can have afterwards, Miles, anticipating impending unemployment, seeks to join the DGA so that he may get a new,… Read More
Rob meets a girl at a bar who promotes cigarette brands, gains an interest in her, and tries to track down where she works. McKenzie has an awkward moment with Whitney when she calls out her leg scars, and a new intern shows up at The Box, and has… Read More
Whitney, during intense filming for The Box, has to deal with constant complaints and demands from her live-in parents, Hannah takes the insults of the other contestants on The Box personally, and Rob can’t decide whether his attraction to Bonnie is real or not, as he re-enters the dating… Read More
Rob, in a state of depression over his break-up with Dana, is very late for shoot day, and has to assert his value to the show. Backlash Bonnie feuds with Miles over how sexy she should be as the host. Luther asks for an advance on his check, to… Read More
Rob and Dana are caught together by Dana's husband Matt, which sets off a chain of events that affects McKenzie and Kevin's relationship, Whitney and Hannah's relationship, and Rob and his half-brother Clay's relationship after he gets released from a year in prison. Read More
Rob is conflicted about staying with Dana while she haggles for more funding for "The Box" from the network. Whitney is aggravated by her parents’ request for money when she already has to go out of pocket for the FOX show. McKenzie is nervous when she invites her authoritarian… Read More
Disgraced former reality star Rob Altmire tries to revitalize his career with the help of the journalist who destroyed it, Whitney Stone. The two collaborate on a project, and enlist some of Hollywood's least successful people to make it happen. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Sing a new song unto the Earth... Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 03, 2017

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The Poems House

A short poem about nature and springtime. Read More

Tags: nature, fish, river, valley

You just never know what you might find in the fog. Read More

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The Poems House

A very short story, in rhyme, about a mysterious pond where a battle is fought! Read More
My Publisher forgot to include this Utopia, Texas Chapter in Talkin' Texan and I didn't notice the Utopia Chapter was Missing until After Talkin' Texan was Published.Is Utopia, Texas really Heaven on Earth? Read More
things start off funny and light hearted... but not for long. Simon is a typical teenager, grumpy, and not particularly wise. However, a holiday in Spain changes all of that, although not in a way that you might think. Read More
The textures seen in the valley were formed over after the erosion happened on the sandstone. Read More

Tags: monument, valley

I had to find shelter as I was lost. As soon as I saw it, its mesmerizing beauty strangled, entangled and caught me. Read More

Tags: meadow, valley, barn

Poem / Poetry

October 13, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

I wrote this in limited time in 7th grade. I realize now that there may be errors, but to maintain its originality I chose not to change it. Hope you enjoy! Read More
A short story about family and the joy of celebrating life together with friends and family in a beloved valley. The love of nature, the beauty of the sky and the love song all come together to make this, at least I think, an enjoyable short story. The Eli character… Read More
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