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Her Name is Chell is my own take on the Portal timeline and the origins of Chell. Please enjoy and let me know if there are any spelling and or grammar errors, this is my first short story. Image Courtesy of "Portal 2 Comic Wallpaper." Wallpaper Converter. Wallpaper Converter, n.d.… Read More
Based off Portal, a man awakes for testing not knowing what to expect. One of my first short stories. Read More
Out of 18 members, the two sides of both RED and BLU have been diminished down to five members, but will the survive? All we know, the Oddities, the mutations of Engineers might certainly have other plans. **Inspired by the Saxxy Entry video 'Odd Engies' By Youtube User USAFMike. The… Read More
My friends and I are planning to do a tf2 book, no details yet just releasing a bit of my writing. This book may require basic knowledge of Team Fortress 2. The teaser will be from the spy's perspective. Read More
My epic new story. A world full of wolf-human hybrids is "defended" by a group called the combine. The story follows three furries who change the tide of war in this video game world. The first chapter is just the teaser. It's only a small taste. Just the smell of… Read More
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