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Enola, Isaiah, and Fang are drunk when they find a building in an old dump. They are in for it when they find out who is in the building. Now they are much stronger then before but now weird things start to happen. (my story isn't done I am in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"Whatever you do, fight." Sophia's family has skeletons, but they aren't in their graves. At twenty-two, practicing Wiccan Sophia Parsons is scratching out a living waiting tables in her Rocky Mountain hometown, a pariah after a string of unsolved murders with only one thing in common: her. Sophia can imagine… Read More

Book / Romance

December 22, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Many people stumble on regular problems... Well... Elizabeth is not your average teenage girl... She and her whole entire family are vampier hunters... Lucas her best friend since childhood is always there for her... Now he starts to react weirdly around the smell of her blood... What happens when she… Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 05, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story that starts off in an old magical war between good and evil, then the stroy pickes up in present day when 7 orphans are given these 7 ancient powers. Enjoy :D Read More
A challenge 4 all you twi-hards like me out there! Hope you like it and if you join hope you have fun! :D Halzz Read More
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