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Tuli is a novella prequel introduction to upcoming Trilogy: The Three Sisters. Read More
Here is the first 3 Chapters of Soul Redeemed as permitted per Amazon. If you like what you see, grab a copy! For years, Julia feared the apparitions that appeared before her, not knowing whether they were real or just delusions. After all, one had tricked her into betraying the… Read More
For twenty years, Nova Woodlands has lived an ordinary life with a single mother who spent her life waiting on a man to return, but in her mother's bittersweet end he never did. Now living life on her own, the mysterious man who claims to be her father returns. He… Read More
Not all vampires drink blood and live in big castles nestled in forgotten hills. Some live in the woods, lurking just beyond the sight of suburban families. Read More
No, I don't smoke, nor do I drink. But long ago, I did. Just FYI. My daughter's FIL calls me Gemma, but I am neither African, nor beautiful. Arrow is a fiction. I wish Wolf were not. Read More
Love; it either builds a person or breaks a person. Being broken and resented by love Siana was trying to move on and accept her obnoxious past which changed her whole life until one day she discovers that her 21 years of life was just an illusion and her human… Read More
A small group takes shelter inside a small-town church in a post-apocalyptic America in which many have turned into vampires. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"You are the moon which shines through the darkness that is my life, the epitome of chaos that I embraced with open arms. I loved you then, still love you now, and will always love you for the rest of my never-ending existence‚Ķ" *** Eona's first memory included supernaturals -… Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 24, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

Remi Ziegler, from a long line of Bloodkin, went missing for a year and a half. Her girlfriend, Laken Stone, was left to face the terror that life had to offer without her love by her side. Now that Remi is back, they must work together to understand and solve… Read More
Avaris West was just a child when the world as she knew it came to a sudden end. In a matter of months, the entire world's population was reduced to a mere fraction while at the same time being attacked by mysterious invaders from another world later nicknamed The Fallen… Read More

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Book / Horror

January 13, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

What would you do if your entire life has been a lie? All my life I had been led to believe that my parents were dead and that my aunt passed away when I was five. I spent my childhood in and out of foster homes until I ran away… Read More
This is the FINAL FINAL - it had better be the FINAL Bloodfellow - Book One - Separation FINAL EDIT ultimately for eBook publication. I am using MS WORD to edit Book Two Transformation so I can publish them as one book. That is how it was written in the… Read More
The General Notes regarding the Who, What and Where Particulars. Written for readers over 21 years of age in the United States. Read More
Thank God for Microsoft WORD! I'm a good editor, but Word showed me all my tiny errors. I finally completed editing Book One today. Now I am on to Bloodfellow Book Two Transformation and then I will publish an eBook of these two together. They were written as ONE BOOK… Read More
Ellie Kennedy is just a depressed plus-size girl, battling depression and body issues she meets a very hot guy named Alexander Lee. right off the bat (vampire pun intended) Ellie finds out he's a vampire but he's not like anyone she's ever met. Alexander Lee met this woman named Ellie… Read More
Editing this chapter and not uploaded the previous chapters until after Christmas. They were too violent - as in, typical Vampire violent, and ruins the Christmas mood for me. They are what they are. Read More
The usual Wolf conduct. Description of Autopsy. Not for the squeamish. For adults over 21 years of age. Read More
WARNING! Wolf and Carol are a LONG story - I am already working on Book Three. So this chapter deals with character development in a way, also, Wolf continues to act like the eeeevil Vampire he is consistently throughout my novels. This is clear, fulll on erotica, not lewd language… Read More
In the small town of Ravenseye, Adelaide Winchester is a young woman with a big dream, a dream of becoming a renowned dancer. However, no one is willing to support her, believing dancing to be a frivolous activity. Even Simon Hughes, with whom she has a special relationship, isn't of… Read More
WARNING, - disturbing discussions of child abuse and the usual Vampire activities. Please do not read if you are under 21 years of age. I recommend readers be fans of Vampire novels, otherwise the subject matter might be offensive or disturbing. Wolf is what he is. A lot of character… Read More
Edit for Chapters 3 through 6 for now. Once all of Bloodfellow has been edited to my satisfaction it will be published as an e-book. I'm fussy about editing. Read More
Editing Chapter Two of Bloodfellow Book One Separation. Warning, explicit sex, crude language, vampire violence, the usual Vampire stuff. For persons over 21 years of age who are fans of Vampire Literature. This is LITERATURE, folks. Read More
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