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AmyFletcher, with her best friend Charli Quade, is hustled off to a writers' retreat at a tropical island resort owned by her publisher. As the night deepens, her senses focus only on Damien Stark, one of the two owners of Edgewood Publishing. Amy forgot her suspicions, sparked by the discovery… Read More
150 years ago, Angelina Dioli was cursed as a vampiress, thrust into a life she didn't want or deserve. Drifting from Europe to The United States, she followed bloody wars to sustain her thirst. Her misery deepens as she retreats further into herself, disgusted by her dangerous nature. Living in… Read More

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Allan knew what Fred meant; it was all the town had been talking about the last two months. Every other night another dead body was found, freshly killed, drained of blood. They were calling them the Vampire Killings in the news. There were those in town who took it literally;… Read More

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More rough draft sketching. My dear brother was buried today. I obtained a copy of his Death Certificate. He died May 31st of exactly the same Coronary Heart Disease I have. I survived my Widowmaker March 30th. He did not on May31st. I grieve. Read More
What if Jacob Black left Fork after Bella and Edward's wedding? Jacob wanted to start a new life. Jacob meets Jane Anderson. Jacob falls in love with Jane. Sebastian Walker is also trying to help He-Man get a key back that Loki had stolen. Jacob meets Sebastian and he agrees… Read More
Death Beckons Me is a story about vampires, romance, and betrayal. It follows the story of Milania as she goes from battling depression to falling in love, and having to make the decision of her life. This is an excerpt from my book Death Beckons Me. If you decide you… Read More
My brother died Memorial Day, as did our Aunt and her father, many years ago. So cut me some slack. I'm in a mood. And this is a partial first draft, of a very long chapter. I have a lot of research to do still. I survived a Widowmaker heart… Read More
A poem about visiting a vampire's hiding place. Read More

Short Story / Horror

May 01, 2022

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What's it like being a vampire in the south? Where the heat grazes against your undead skin while pride and prejudice fuels your hunger with such ferocity. Do you mind your manners like a true southern belle, or give into your desires? Read More

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Putting up random notes and parts of Chapter Two. Place descriptions and stage business to be added later. My daughter is taking care of me after my heart attack and I have no printer for easy editing. Read More

Book / Fantasy

April 22, 2022

Kyle knew he was adopted, but he does not know who his biological parents are. Kyle’s biological mother abandon him to protect him from his father’s enemies. Kyle always felt different. Kyle met a woman name, Cassie. Kyle does not know anything about Cassie. Kyle fall in love with Cassie.… Read More
Avaris West was just a child when the world as she knew it came to a sudden end. In a matter of months, the entire world's population was reduced to a mere fraction while at the same time being attacked by mysterious invaders from another world later nicknamed The Fallen… Read More

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Since I keep getting hacked and my work stolen, I am writing as I go and uploading it and adding and editing later. Read More

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I could feel the cracks start to form in Valentine’s self restraint, revealing even more just how burning hot his desire was. "All you need to do is ask, and you can have everything." A soft growl, going right to my core. Veronica escaped her abusive house for a life… Read More
Drake is the last surviving son of the first vampire. He current wanders aimlessly in an age of humanity that he doesn't completely comprehend. This is a collection of his travels. Read More
The victims return and hunt their killers…. But is it the end? Read More
She’d tracked Desponia for a century, but now the Stygian witches lay rotting in the sun at the underworld’s entrance, and she need not think of returning the eye. Zeus will seek his revenge for the witches. My days are numbered, but my revenge is at hand. Read More
Poor David, somebody should buy him a drink. Read More

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March 16, 2022

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Bronte was born in the middle of a Hurricane in the dead of night and life has always felt like she was still in the middle of it. Her Mother had taken her from city to city while she was growing up almost like she was trying to run from… Read More
The people in the town of Rosewood becomes ill as an unknown sickness spreads through. With little resources, the hope for recovery falls slim. Crystal Wilders travels to Rosewood to help her people, but what she learns about Rosewood and the family who lives there just might shock her. ~~This… Read More
A young woman finds herself in the middle of a 500-year long war between vampires and witches. It is up to her to reveal the truth behind the many secrets pervading the vampire and witch elder counsels as well as discover how her blood alone can either stop the centuries-long… Read More
A series of strange dreams keep interrupting Raven's sleep and as much as she wants to understand them, she can't. However, when she is somehow entered into a contest and wins dates with five different guys maybe the dreams are more than just dreams... If only she could work out… Read More

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Luminita tugged one of his ears, then tried her courage. "Do as I say, thing!" To which Onyx only yawned and panted a little. "Take care not to overexcite him, Luminita. Let us walk in the woods together, just the three of us. Later we'll introduce Onyx to our… Read More

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The story is about a dark secret of life. Read More

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February 07, 2022

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Down fell Desponia, landing in a seated position on the drunkard’s chest, then rolling her hips forward to muffle his cries with her crotch. She threw her head back and laughed while Dracula plucked pieces of straw from her hair. “Are you trying to speak, drunkard? It would seem so!”… Read More

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