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This is pure fantasy,and in this writing I have brought together all my beloved characters.This is my first formal writing.Hope you enjoy! Read More
Lauren never expected the drastic changes that would come into her life as she is visited by a mysterious, gorgeous guy in a leather jacket. Who else would this be but the one and only Damon Salvatore, evil, twisted brother of Stefan? Beneath the hard exterior Lauren uncovers his deadly… Read More

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Elena has been gone from Mystic Falls for 6 months since she was kidnapped. She is planning on returning to her hometown and going through with her "plan". What is her plan? What secrets does she have now? Why are her eyes red? why did she change? OCC Fan fiction… Read More
Elena: When I got a call from Stephan, I was alarmed. Apparently, he had discovered my long-lost sister. She looks just like me, and more like Catherine. What could this possibly mean for me? Stephan: I found a girl. Alone, just lying in the woods, with a bite on her… Read More
Janet Young is a 16 year old girl who has wanted to travel with the Doctor for a long time...and now that he has landed in her room with the TARDIS, she has the chance! What sort of adventures will they go on to find out. I think this… Read More
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