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First chapters of 1995 Version - out of order Read More

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Original files txt on hard floppies. First time I posted these on Booksie I discovered they'd all been cut to 240 pages! Read More

Tags: vampires, wolf

Early Version Stolen. My ex copied these off old hard floppies. Everywhere else o my computer, including Dropbox, the 7 files were empty. Read More

Tags: vampires, wolf

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September 03, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

Kyle Whittier is your average everyday loner at a new school, a new town with his mother, and his two best friends. One fateful night with him and another unlucky soul Daniel Subou gets attacked and it changes their lives forever, while Daniel changes and becomes a Werewolf Kyle becomes… Read More
Edited Version for now. I haven't continued with Wolf and Carol's Honeymoon shocker because I have two HUGE books on Caesar and Caesar Augustus I have to read. Just reading a book on the Gallic Wars blew what remains of my mind. Read More
Thousands of years after his imprisonment, vampire Prince Zadrian Vayne escapes and begins his journey of vengeance against those who made him a captive. After meeting the dangerous alien, Vast, the two of them decide upon a pact to achieve their aims. Their story takes them across the universe to… Read More
If anyone is remotely interested I decided to do a quick timeline of all the short stories I wrote. Read More
Christina Waterston is a sixteen-year-old who lost her father, Miles, who was murdered. Everyone thought he was killed by an animal by the marks on her fathers' neck, but Christina soon learns that there is much more to her fathers' murder. Read More
My next story in my Undead series, this time in modern day that delves into how these creatures operate, secrets revealed, and what catapults the main protagonist to start a war. Read More
this a very early rough draft of one of the chapters. the main story is intended to be horror and fantasy with supernatural and magic creatures. any sort of input is greatly appreciated Read More
My computer was so hacked I did not have Pages OR Word. Like, nothing was in them. So, somehow part of what I had has been returned out of order. Being Out of Order, myself, what can I say? My Fav City, again. Read More
A/N: In final revision. Curse my astigmatism. Discover the mysteries of a bygone time with the initial volume of "The Ward Estate," a captivating historical fantasy set during the summer of 1912. Within the luxurious walls of an inherited home in the Carolinas, Beatrice Ward uncovers a story brimming with… Read More
I found my APPLE laptop com[petely hacked, my Bloodfellow Front Cover in the middle of this chapter add ruined and this is only a rough sketch of what I plan to do with these characters. Someone is trashing my hard work. Let McAfee keeps their promise to protect my new… Read More
Trying to edit in Pages, suddenly claimed it can't be saved. Well, here it can be. Thank you, BOOSKIE. Read More
Inohaus is defunct. Bloodfellow is one of the first novels to ever be sould online Read More
Bloodfellow - a Novel of Transformation, unexpurgated version was one of the first novels ever to be published online. It was stolen and my ex-husband dug through a LOT of files to find this version. Read More
Bloodfellow INFOHAUS Original Version, Bloodfellow was one of the very first novels ever published on the Internet. Read More
My ex found the original early version. WORD is so confusing I will save them chapter by filed chapter here. These 7 files were supposed to be mailed to Literary Agent Anita Diamant. The files were empty when I went to look for them and I doubt they were ever… Read More
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