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This is an extremely goofy crossover of "Dragonball Z" and "Sesame Street", in which Vegeta and Goku get unwittingly caught up in an episode of "Elmo's World". I wrote this when I was about 14 and immediately forgot all about it. Then, 5 years later, my college roommate and I… Read More
Have you ever wondered what Vegeta's life under Frieza was like? Well, read and find out. (I reposted this story because the other one wasn't letting me add chapters. I also changed the name, this one sounds much better.) Read More
This is a fan based original back story line to a hit anime series called Dragon Ball Z. In this tale i will be show casing a plus one character named Vegeta seeking to take up the mantle of the main character Goku during a 7 year hiatus from the… Read More
Hi this is one for cartoon fans and dextro users. It was made on pot/dxm. This story will deal with philosophy and real life events classically. Read More
For all You Dragon ball Z fans out there, this is a special relationship about no other than the Bulma and Vegeta relationship. Slightly leaving of episode 124 when the saiyans were training for the androids to come. so from that last scene til the time it was time to… Read More
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