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Hi Walter Morris ,hope you are well. Friends for Justice in vermont would like you to review your decision to not allow a lawyer present as you took two homes from a widowed father of 8 (clear title,no mortgages) at 8601 rt Sheffield Vermont. You denied the defendant verbal… Read More
an essay about 1153 main st ,St Johnsbury Vermont. The building dedicated in 1964 has had it facade dedication memorial placks removed and junked in the 1st foyer street entrance (power sawed off) as they were permanently fixed to be there for the duration of the life of the… Read More
Friends for justice in vermont (sic,we dont see much justice in vermobnt) looking to have a case reviewed have been stymied by a fact that case # Dkt #101-5-03 Cadm filed 6/16/04 had no appeal rights and according to Bob Butterfield allegedly said had no forum for discussion. the… Read More
Judge, Per your request :discovery of 1153 main st st Johnsbury Vermont Thank you for your investigation results that the Building dedication memorial placks are gone and presumed stole here @ 1153 main st johnsbury vt. This correspondence is personal and confidential in nature Read More
Friends for Justice in Vermont welcome to 1153 main st st johnsbury vermont. pardon the missing building dedication memorial placks round circular brass busts of Lydon Johnson in the outer 1st lobby area as you enter Read More
as stapled to front door of lydon vermont high school front door 2004 Read More
Everyone does right in their own eyes. Friends for Justice in Vermont would like toreview a decision in 2004 Caledonia County Vermont filed June 16 2004 CALEDONIA FAMILY COURT Dkt. #101-5-03Cadm. A Civil right violation has occurred where a widower from 1st marriage was allegedly mugged by Joe Benning… Read More
Dad, how do I pick a wife? Well son very carefully. When you hear the phrase when you marry the women you marry the family,that's true. They are, the family, the ones who will be staying with you over the years to come.Also if the are poor they might… Read More
Joe benning allegedly used influence peddling to remove, steal, two homes @ 8601 rt 122 scheffield vt in the case of a widwed father of 8 now residing in st johnsbury vt. caledonia family court dkt#101-5-03cadm filed june 16th 2004. Read More

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welcome to vermont, we love you wealth,not you ,we''l separate you from your wealth ,wife ,children. we'll steal your real estate and make it look legit. we'll lie and defend our rights to steal from the weak. caledonia family court dkt#101-5-03cadm filed june 16th 2004. Read More

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