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<p> It takes more than friction to melt the ice. Have a read at thid story based on a much beloved franchise. </p> Read More
i've no idea how this is going to turn out. Read More
Here is a sneak peek of the Sonic Boom fanfic I am writing. What happens when Dave the Intern falls in love with Steffy Robotnik, the quirky chinchilla kunoichi that Doctor Eggman took in and raised himself? To be continued... :) Read More

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For two years, all notable bio-terrorists have been captured and held in a laser prison, in the downtown part of Seattle. With no knowledge of who captured them, or if they'll ever be free, all held inside learn to adapt to the lives they have to live. Sneaking in every&#8230; Read More

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He had 3 wishes, but only one really mattered. Author's note: (Sorry if it's too long, I have to describe the workings of an MMO in the space of an entire world after all...) Read More

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Grade 10 writing portfolio - poetry. Written based off the video game The Binding of Isaac (Rebirth). Enjoy~ Read More

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Welcome! To the very first virtual reality game, Charlie Brown No More! Where you, the Savior, are bestowed the imperative mission of saving the Kingdom of Kindness. Battle against evil enemies that dare oppose the rulers of the Kingdom. Take on fun quests that will level up your character and&#8230; Read More

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Alice always loved video games. They were her passion, the only place she could hide out from her miserable reality. That is, until she finds herself stuck in a brand new game, Kingdom Rift. To complete the game, you have to destroy all of the enemy kingdoms before they destroy&#8230; Read More

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Hey originally this is a video game.But i love the story plot of the video game.And I am a really big fan.So wanted everyone to enjoy primal is about a girl named jen and her rescue adventure to save lewis her boyfriend from demons. Read More

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April 02, 2016

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The essay is focus on video games is benefit to consumers of all ages Read More
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