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A criminal taste their brand of justice. Flash fiction. Warning rape. Read More
Reighs City, home to several top-notch criminals, including a team of six, time-obsessed young adults. Their job? To steal what others are too afraid to do on their own and sell for a lower price than it's worth. Simple right? Read More
A teaser for my second story. Several days after the events that lead to the capture of the murderous archer that plagued Newcastle city for almost a month. The toon becomes even more unusual when the rumors about the girl with a special gift turn out to be true as… Read More

Poem / Romance

September 30, 2018

Sometimes fighting is unique Read More
Logan is an average college senior. But his life is changed when he is given amazing abilities. And when his best friend is murdered, consumed by anger and a desire to honor his friend, Logan becomes a nighttime vigilante and dedicates his life to fighting crime and injustice. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Scarlett goes after her town's criminal underworld, though, truth be told, there's not much that separates them from her. And she knows that. (Note that this story has nothing to do with the short "Being with People".) Read More
Sometimes, the past comes back for you. Read More
Roxanne Driscoll is quite a nosy employee. Upon overhearing bad things, she steps in to stop them. One day, Roxanne takes things way too far. Read More
Meet Jack, a God fearing family man with malice towards none but little does he know of that which awaits him. Within days of our meeting, Jack’s life will be shattered and he will be forced into new, perilous surroundings. He is sure he knows the cause of his… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Catarina Consuelo, witty and willful teen, leads a double life that may kill her. *I do not claim the rights to this cover art, but I do love it.* I only claim the right to these words. May you enjoy my short-story. This is the first story in my book… Read More

Featured Review by Sue Harris

"This is a gripping, action-packed story, Joy, and what a heroine... a jump-suited, stiletto heeled Ninja. I found the dark, disturbing central t..." Read More

Can a kingdom be changed by a man in a mask? Read More
Henry is the Golden Phoenix, a vigilante with the power to control fire. Soon, a new vigilante calling himself the Silver Hydra shows up. Kelly a government agent and her boss Max help Henry with finding out who the new hero is. As well as finding out what the boss… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A novel I'm currently writing; thought I'd post the first chapter just to see what everyone thinks of it so far. Feedback is much appreciated! Thanks. Isaac Young has a rare gene that enhances everything about him to the point where he has an underground reputation for being the smartest… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

During a Gang Revolution in New York City, a time much like when the mob ran the streets of Vegas, a vigilante killer called "Chaos" rises and murders any gang member she can find. Who is she and why is she doing this? Only Camryn Sawyer, the lead detective in… Read More
An advertising consultant steps into defend an innocent young woman after she is assaulted in the street, but gets little reward for his courage. Read More
This is a true story obviously altered for reading pleasure. Read More
After spending five years in prison, Jim Tannion was more than happy to get out. He was only a little surprised when the FBI agent who had put him in prison in the first place met him at the gate. Tannion was even more surprised when he realized that he… Read More
The Citizens of Clearwater are sad, broken, and beaten down with the vale of Darkness of crime over the heads. What they don't know is a new day, a new light, a new hope has just arrived to help bring them to a new era and try and give them… Read More

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How far would a person go to avenge their family? This is a story of how the best of intentions can lead to the darkest decisions. Read More
Lightning is always powerful and occasionally deadly. The bolt that hit Jim Tannion however was different. It gave him skills and abilities that made him think he could be the closest thing to a superhero the world had ever seen. Skills he could use to heal any injury, enhance his… Read More
Holly is a young woman with two identities: one, a police officer upholding the law and the other, a murderer who kills by cloak of night. For how long will she be able to keep her two identities separate? Read More
After a fatal crash, Ethan Wolfe must survive the wilderness to evade capture. He flees to Colorado to seek asylum with friends, only to find them facing an evil beyond imagination. A twisted dream and a shocking premonition leave him wondering if they face the evil or are the cause… Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

August 11, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Azza works to eliminate those she sees unworthy of life, but how long until the clock runs out? Read More
A deranged vigilante seeks to kill those that he deems unfit for society. Calling it "liberation", follow his short story through school and streets. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Kind of a silly story. Written for my Fiction Writing class. I had to write a story on the topic, the character is coming back home when.... Read More
It's been 2 months since "Silencing the Neighbors" & the city's newest killer has decided to get rid of the neighborhood's newest drug dealer. As always, please be brutal with your critique. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A jealous guy spying on his girl friend and later found his real him. Read More
Batman, Robin, and Batgirl's jobs are never done. From taking on common street thugs, to battling tragic evil genius' like Mr. Freeze, or even solving all of Riddler's clues, the life of being one of Gotham's dark knights is always thrilling. Read More
Memoirs of a Schizophrenic portrays the life of protagonist as he remembers it: Out of order and possibly false. Providing a scenarios and accounts that could be wrong but hold true to himself, the protagonist lives life based on naivete, paranoia, and the undying need to save the day, even… Read More
A man, like any other man, makes it his responsibility to purge his city of crime. But does he have what it takes? Is he willing to sacrifice everything and everyone he loved? Read More
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