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The Booksie Classic House

A dying stranger arrives at the winter village of a peaceful tribe with the need to solve two problems. First the destination of his spirit to the otherworld and the second, the passing of a powerful magikal circlet to the shaman of a distant tribe. Sothoo, a spirit guide and… Read More
A witch, a village, an eviction, and justice brought on by a baby. Ah, you reap what you sow. Read More

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There's a chance for everyone. My poem. Read More
it is an exposition of unsustainable development in many emerging economies Read More
A fantasy series based on African Mythology. Princess Aneni the daughter of King Mane and queen Mosala, was born with incredible supernatural powers. On day one, she could walk and talk. Her parents were excited, worried, and grateful at the same time. They realized she possessed an ancient phenomenal gift.… Read More
Baby Taka‘s world changes as soon as he falls asleep and all his dreams come true. Read More
Baby Taka‘s world changes as soon as he falls asleep and all his dreams come true. Read More
Baby Taka's world changes as soon as he falls asleep and all his dreams came true. One day he discovered the secret of happiness was in his sleep. As soon as he slept, he would find himself in different parts of the planet. His many dream adventures took him to… Read More
If you haven't been to the villages in Africa, Zimbabwe, this is the closest you will get. This book evokes the joys of summer vacations and the adventures of life in rural areas. The picturesque illustrations will make it harder for both adults and children to skip a page. Also… Read More
Sarah had always been told not to go too far. Perhaps she should have paid more attention. Cover image: Read More
Adisa and the village love watching the local goldsmith work. they become captivated by times and places outside of their world. however, the goldsmith doesn't always make beautiful pieces of art for the rich. Read More
this is a story about revengeful Leopard. Read More
The revised version * The Festive Holiday Christmas Village is a place in which Santa Claus, his elves, and dwarves, celebrate the holiday season in New York. But when no one has the Christmas spirit, twelve year old Matt Graves, decides to spread a lot of cheer to everyone in… Read More
The Festive Christmas Village is a place where Santa Claus trains all of the elves, dwarves, and magical folk by Christmas Eve, so that there's no problems. For twelve year old Mark Graves, his parents have lost their holiday spirit. As a result, he decides to change their fortunes around… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is the fable of a vampire, a castle, a servant, and how badly things can get messed up if communication is lacking. Read More
Caught up in monkey business. Read More
The death of the nanogenarian was celebrated as a festival by the whole village. Read More
This is a time we must be evergreen making every village across India still greener and smarter for every common farmers dreams. :) Read More
Lena and Teodor fall in love with each other, but war changes their plans about happy future... Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

October 28, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A mix of old movie Horror and dry humor, oh, and a touch of today's world. Read More
I am submitting this work for making a smile love the miles it may travel near my home. This Onam brings a day we light a candle together in one hope. I am submitting this as a prayer for your support. Please assist our common home for these grants.… Read More
A Crocked Forest, suspicious villagers, a witch, and a shack near a stream. What could possibly be going on here? Read More
Driving along the country road, my mate and I ended up in a strange village. Read More
A short story about a Moroccan country couple who loved each other and grew up to be an old husband and wife who, from time to time went mad. but some bad events happened and changed the couple's life completely. enjoy reading Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

February 04, 2018

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The The Imaginarium House

The Morrigan -- an ancient goddess of war, often regarded as a monster in female form who combines both terror with greatness. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An old man's obsession with getting an ancient clock to work leads to village-wide consternation and debate as he falls deeper and deeper into a fixated insanity. Read More
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