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July 17, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

this is a story about a young woman in the 1950's who need to have a new life. The course she took to obtain thins new life was a hard road to tow. This story will have graphic language and adult situations. Highly advised to be at least 18 yrs… Read More
Chapter 2 of the Sword of Eternal Peace Narena forged the blade Hunger to kill a god. But the price of her demon bargain comes clearer as she holds the weapon for the first time. The sword must not taste another's blood. But it hungers. And Narena may not be… Read More
Emmett Casey is an anti-hero. Trapped by circumstance and comfortable on the wrong side of the law, he still exercises his self-righteous inner conscience. This is a chapter from the full length novel, For I Have Sinned, the second book in the Emmett Casey series. The first is titled, Bless… Read More
It's 2095... and the apocalypse. It's not zombies or the sun exploding. The dinosaurs have returned, killing everything in sight. In less than five years, over ninety-five percent of all human life had been brought down to extinction. But there are survivors. Meet Tobias. A young, teenage boy on… Read More
This is a prologue to my first book, a quardilogy of the series of Royal Lines. This is merely just a presentation and a first look of the book. If you want me to send any images or the whole pdf file message me and we'll work iz out. Hope… Read More
An orphaned vampire attempts to sort life between right and wrong in a city of extreme corruption and violent crimes. Gradually exploring her abilities, True-Juniper unknowingly becomes one of Los Angeles's unsung vigilantes. Unfortunately, there's a bigger threat. One that surpasses any malfeasance of criminal clans in the city. The… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Isabella gets caught in a police crossfire and falls in love with the police officer that saves her. Read More
Pride, threat and waste. Read More

Tags: life, violence

Tale about 2 psychopaths in Metro City who appear as a normal people to the outside world. Read More
A poem about gender-based violence and women inequality in South Africa and worldwide. Read More
What happens when you threaten the life of a sister's younger sibling? A whole lot of people die, apparently. Follow Fran from The Anti-Magic Division as she works to make her country safer for her family. There are many threats out there that she'll fight, with one organisation in particular… Read More
I'm gettin' real tired of seeing rallies supporting Islam, especially when it comes from people like Democrats, LGBT, women-activists, etcetera. My response...THE TRUTH... Read More
The main character, Hanako, is in high school and lived a wonderful life. That all changed when a new girl moved to their school district and people starting to go missing mysteriously. Read More
a young talented student sihle faces multiple obstacles as she works her way to become a lawyer. Read More
Never had a brief span seem like an eternity. As I feel my consciousness slipping away, as clear and concise as it was mere moments ago, it was coming to an end. He knew I wasn't going to be able to escape from him for long. not this time. My… Read More
In 19th century Louisiana, a group of slaves escape their plantation in a desperate bid for freedom. Read More
The Boy & The Spear is an original short story that follows a teenaged boy by the name of Aster who is making his gladiatorial debut in the Arena where he will face many foes in the name of blood and glory! This short story is a work in progress… Read More

Poem / Poetry

April 23, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Healing, peace and comfort for Sri Lanka. Read More
Just an old piece I had published a couple of years and no one read it. It's a look at the evolution of snuff movies, in particular the cinematic slaughter of Isis. Read More
I recently rewrote a superhero novel I wrote a few years ago. It's about a superhero who's attempting to save a doomed city. This is the first chapter. Sure would appreciate feedback and opinions, especially on the story. Please let me know if you would like to see the rest Read More
Following the burial of her daughter, Cain, Carma returns to the street life and homelessness, the only life she knows. Read More
A look at the small human tragedies of historical atrocities whose imaginable scale renders them abstract, and how they are ultimately reduced to ghosts in atrocity exhibitions. Read More

Short Story / Horror

March 22, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

A Saturday girl, soaking up excess demand. Aimée: paid for love. Paying to survive. A homage to the character 'Molly Millions' from William Gibson's 'Neuromancer'. -- (2,500 words, 4 chapters). Read More

Featured Review by HJFURL

"One of your very best, a compelling read - horror - violence- sex, I thrill-thrill-thrilled! I love it when you walk on the wild side, Adam, the..." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The key could bring life or take it, it kills and restores and the one who owns it is the one who decides whether its there to aid or to destroy. Hawk didn't know of the gaping hole in the Vail that the rebels tried to stop engulfing the world,… Read More
A group of ravenous murderers orchestrated by a Ram convene in a strip club for a bloody fight to the death...this sounds like fun. Read More
a poem / short story about knife crime, maybe? Read More

Book / Thrillers

March 06, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

When a sixteen-year-old girl gets kidnapped she tries everything she can to escape the 3 men that took her. What do they want? Her father Michael he has something that belongs to them. Read More
this story is about what i had to deal with when i was in elementary school. **based on a true story** Read More

Tags: violence

A Shepherd grows tired of his Lamb's abusers. He decides to take action. Read More

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The Imagination Station House

Due to the War that devastated the globe, all governments have lost their power and the systems that hold the world together are falling apart. The last standing paradise city on Earth-Elysia-is secluded and allowed to very few qualified individuals. Would Erik, a rather reckless blond boy with a Cadillac… Read More
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