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Yakusoku Land has found love. He is finding happiness again. But after discovering the truth about himself, he feels it all slipping away as a timer looms overhead. Can he keep his happiness.. or will he disappear, once again? Read More

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Wolf is a broken detective, struggling to heal from trauma. Kitten is a vigilante in a broken organization. Their lives conjoin after a series of violent events, and the polar opposite must work together long enough to stop a Killer whos always 10 steps ahead... Read More
What is in the heart will come out of the mouth as words, either good, or bad. Read More
The scream tore through Henry like a knife at the same time he was knocked to the ground. The scream came again, desperate, terrified... human - Celia! As he got to his feet, he could see a body being dragged by its feet onto the grass. The blood drained from… Read More
My inspiration for this one came from a news story back in 2020 where a 5 year old boy was shot and killed in his front yard for no reason. Read More
Hampton Roads high is a privileged public school in Virginia Beach, and it's a place where one's status is determined by their family's bank account. In this established environment during the late 90's, seven teenagers from different walks of life will be brought together for a tale of culture collisions,… Read More
Sequel to Dial Tone. Yakusoku has finally come home; however, he feels that he's still trapped. He's been missing time here and there, and being told he's done things he can't recall. What is going on? Read More
Working as a member of the city watch is tough, even more so when it's for the city of Peridan, situated on the border between human and dragon territories. It is often the battleground for the war waged in the shadows away from the eyes of the average citizen. But… Read More

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This is a story about my fucked up life and how I deal with all of it. About how I slowly try to resolve all of my problems. Including my trauma, depression, being targeted by the mafia, and struggles in my current relationships. If you want to stay and follow… Read More
I was running from him. Five months pregnant at this point and he was chasing me dead winter through the neighborhood. I didn't have time to grab shoes and my bare feet hit the cold ground as I kept pushing forward trying to keep my balance. I couldn't keep my… Read More

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To save himself and his family from a dragon’s wrath, William Delcat must become that which he hates and dive deep into a world of lies and espionage to uncover a truth best left buried. Book 1 of the Where Dragons Rule: LOST series Note: I'm began posting earlier than… Read More
Wren can't wait for Halloween. She and her friends are dressing up as characters from Harry Potter. Nothing could ruin their perfect Halloween. That is, until they cross through the cemetery to get into town faster. Wren and her friends find themselves not on the other side of town, but… Read More
An exciting first episode of "The Sequence of Nightlife" - By Herman Namanya Read More
The tournament officially starts with the Round of 16. Crayon and his friends end up fighting against people. Read More
Crayon and his friends are training for a tournament that they are entering. Read More
Jonah Shroud has one goal: to join the Hunter’s Society, following the proud tradition of his family and learn more about the family he had been kept away from. *New chapters release monthly Read More
A specialized piece I wrote for a contest held by the Review Chain here on Booksie. It's also part of a special project I've been working on. Read More
The following short story deals with childhood abuse, sexual abuse, violence and revenge. Read More

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June 13, 2022

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Main Sum: Bom has not only become Kyong’s wife but the Queen of the village. Just like the Emperor, the empress also had a lot of duties to do as well. But it is wonderful to know that you have someone by your side, no matter what comes their way.… Read More
Weapons are the tools of violence; all decent men detest them. Weapons are the tools of fear; a decent man will avoid them except in the direst necessity and, if compelled, will use them only with the utmost restraint. Peace is his highest value. If the peace has been shattered,… Read More
Hello all! For anyone unaware, I changed my posting schedule, again because I realized I was putting too much pressure on myself to maintain a streamlined system instead of uploading whatever I have ready. So for this post, here's something that's ready instead of letting it gather dust for an… Read More

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Ivan Peak and Frank Aguilar had been best friends and roommates for as long as anyone could remember. The two were nearly carbon copies of each other in looks, but differed greatly in personality. Throughout their dynamic adventures together, a terrible accident shakes the very core of their foundations and… Read More
Ozymandias revisited. Read More

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March 11, 2022

I wrote this while I was picketing , on strike, and desperate to make a difference Read More

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