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There's a new shop chief in town. Read More
this to be series of books follows a first person view of killer suffering from depression and killing the ones he loves as a way of self harm Read More
Trying to keep his demons in check, a casual outing turns into whole-sale slaughter. Read More
A mutilated corpse and torture due to a miss-translation - fun for all. Read More
After Mrs. Figlebitch leaves CVS, the young cashier has a disturbing experience with new customers. Read More

Short Story / Humor

January 17, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

“It wasn’t always like this, Adonis. It’s hard to believe now, but before Satan took the throne, Heaven was the embodiment of perfection and altruism; there has never been a more perfect example of a cruel twist of fate.” Read More
A seemingly malevolently character really, really likes chairs. Read More
I've finished writing the whole book of which there are 18 chapters. The story takes place in the near future. Due to dire climate change and overpopulation, nuclear and germ warfare erupts; only 1.5% of all living things survive the devastation and survival for the remaining few is very bleak. Read More
i'm denise willis, free lance journalist and spanish teacher from argentina. i came across this story about a violent and abusive priest from nichiren shoshu's temple who has sexually molested a believer called cecilia califano during a pilgrimage in japan. the link below tells cecilia's story. despite having its headquarters… Read More
This was an entry to a short-story contest on storywrite years ago. Since I'm transferring my other stuff I figured it should have a home here too. Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

December 01, 2017

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The The Imaginarium House

I just wrote this story an hour ago and I edited as much as I could in such little time. I hope you enjoy. I love the suspense theme very much. Read More

Poem / True Confessions

October 24, 2017

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The Vintage Publishing House

Beware...(Noir book) Read More

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The Vintage Publishing House

A piece from my book Noir... (10/12/17) Read More
*Viewer Discretion Advised: Strong language, Graphic violence, sexual themes* In the early 2100s, selected humans left the Earth and set out for a few world to inhabit. An indefinite amount of time later, they succeeded. In the year 1437 of the new world, everything changed when a… Read More
This is an opinion piece about the difficult situation faced by province of Kwazulu Natal.The killing of people for political reasons is a very immature thing and im asking the officials in senior positions to do something. Read More

Book / Horror

August 07, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Isikara, a psychopathic killer, is forcing kidnapped teens to participate in his sick games and horrific tests. Will any of the kids survive? Read More
An old enemy begins to haunt the punisher as he brings back memories of Vietnam. Read More
NOTE: This work contains graphic physical and sexual violence, racial slurs, foul language and generally a dark tone. The prologue concerning Isabella Guerra, a character from an upcoming illustrated series 'The Trans-Oceanic Adventures of Captain Throatcutter.' Read More
Jade was a depressed girl living a monotonous life. However, things started to change when the threat of war arose. Then her entire life changed as soon as she found that girl. Read More
WW3 has just ended and new opportunities present themselves, Ireland is being torn apart by a revolution and Vulcan McBride plans to take full advantage of that. Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 24, 2016

This is Chapter 1 of a fictional short story I've been working on, called "The Roach". This is a pretty raw story, so it's NOT for the faint of heart OR people who are easily offended. It's violent, bloody & vulgar, so you've been warned. But, it's JUST fiction, so… Read More
its a man looking for revenge on his ex partner in crime Read More

Tags: murder, violent, brute

Reece's apathy lands someone else in huge trouble. My life at 13. Read More
A teenage girl named Alexia suddenly acquires strange powers; she uses them to defend her girlfriend Sabrina from interdimensional monsters known as shadow entities. She struggles to figure out how to use her powers as the shadow entities keep coming after Sabrina with more and more determination each time. This… Read More
This is a short story that I wrote about two years ago. That being said, it may have a few errors (it also has some weird spacing issues because of the word processor that I used). It's a story that directly follows the tragic events of Pompeii, but follows the… Read More
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