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This is a topic people may have different views about. Some believe in the stigmata while others don't. There have been some that say it dates back to the 1100's. I'm not really sure myself. They say it's a gift from God that people recieve this. Others say it's a… Read More
The title is pretty much self explandatory. It's about a little girl who gets possessed and gets an exorcism. Read More
This is about a teen girl who has lost her mother to cancer. She moves in with her mother's sister and her family. Shortly after she starts to experience strange happenings. Read More
We've all been told we should go to church on Sundays. Going to church doesn't make you a christian. It takes more than just going. You have to live it. This is a short story about that. Read More
This is a short story I did about being jealous and envious. Read More
This is a short story I did for our greed newsletter. Read More
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