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You've heard of an eating competition, a competition where people compete to see who can eat the most food, an enjoyable event for all now, let us introduce you to a more challenging competition, an eating competition but instead of eating, you completely avoid food. Becky is… Read More
Just an idea I got and needing to write some Ghost Adventures stuff again. I will make more "vlogs" soon. Disclaimer: The Ghost Adventures show is owned by the Travel Channel and the Crew members: Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin own themselves. This fanfiction isn’t a real story,… Read More
This independent film/series follows a young woman, Katherine Brooks, as she finds herself thrown into the apocalypse. As she realizes that the dead don't stay dead, she begins running through a fast deteriorating world. Alone, afraid and armed only with a camera, she must cling to her sanity as she… Read More
Boredom and exhaustion consume me.... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The script for my YouTube video on the Gay Days at Disney. Read More
Who needs Oprah's favs when you can have Cheeze Itz and used books? Read More
Lesson One; it's ok to procrastinate as long as you're talented. Lesson two; omegle statistics. Lesson three; Ginsberg and South Park. Watch full video on YouTube at Ravenclaw365's channel. Read More
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