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Muy buenas otra vez, esta vez con el segundo volumen de ésta mi primera historia, en la cual continuamos con los eventos del primer volumen, pero con unos cuantos pasos adelante. Éste capítulo tendrá un poco de melodrama (por favor no se dejen llevar por la definición), y a la… Read More
Previously on D.O.F: Balmunk and Nathan's village was invaded by thousands of fiends. There grandfather fighting for their safety be came injured. Seeing this Nathan exploded with power killing everything in site, their grandfather gave his life in order to save Balmunk from Nathan's power. After the danger faded Nathan… Read More
The Goddess Fiona the Great keeper of Balance in all worlds senses darkness in the planet of Gaia. Darkness even the Goddess herself can not foresee, being from the world she fears another will gain the power she has. She sends her only born Daughter to meet the threat, Cherish… Read More
You think that The U.S.T.C. started in the future... Think Again! the club started in 1980 with Dr. Daniel Peters, the old Mr. Ultimate. Now the superhero tradition passes on to his son, Chris Peters-Hiyakawa. Suddenly the evil Phrometheus a.k.a. Dr. James Phrobes, has escaped from his cage to world… Read More
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