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Summer is suddenly paralyzed after being in a car accident with a drunk driver. But the thing is, she is completely innocent. She did not drink any alcohol at the party. Why would God do something like this to her? This is the sequel to the Seasons-Winter Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Come one come all, to Hyperbole high school. See the cry baby, socially inept beta-boy earn his wings.On this day a great story will be born, and they will talk about it for generations to come. I'm thinking about turning this short story into a longer work and this being… Read More
Melinda Jacobson was a 15 year old girl that had everything. She was the volleyball team star. Until one day after a party she was drunk. She was walking in a atrocious neighborhood, she didn't even know where she was or how to get home. She fell asleep on a… Read More
Jazlyn's life used to be perfect. She had the perfect boyfriend, perfect family. But then, everything started to go wrong. Ride with Jazlyn on her emotional rollercoaster. Read More
Jamie Bryce is a very popular girl on the volleyball team with two loving parents and a trustworthy best friend. Now on the other hand, David Gray is very handsome unpopular boy, but a very popular twin sister, Amie. Amie is also Jamie's best friend. When Jamie meets David, she… Read More
Abbi Jamison was simple, with a nasty secret, a small little ramance, and a stepdad thats drives her wild. Her mom was a little bit odd. Abbi's love grows stronger and stronger for the quarterback Mason James. His musular body would look so could with her slim body. Please comment(:… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Arianne is a simple girl with an athletic scholarship at Harvard. Frederick is a handsome stranger with an intriguing secret. Arianne has a boring life. Good grades, no friends, and only an aunt and uncle to support her. Frederick’s life is anything but boring. Murder, hatred and jealousy are just… Read More
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