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Some further views of democracy Read More
Just some thoughts on Voting, --- and a question. Read More
Just another day in the lives of this less than dynamic duo. Read More
Not everyone votes that could and some that vote shouldn't, but if tax increases are on the ballot, (watch-out!), it is like a shark feeding frenzy. Read More
All of the poems are here! You guys have until Friday, June 30th to vote for your favorite poem. It doesn't matter the topic, we are looking for poems that evokes something in you. Choose your favorite! Read More
This was a very short piece I wrote, inspired by a conversation with a friend back an election cycle ago. I have decided to post it as demand for it was back in light of the circus upon us now. Read More
This is what I would call a PPG (Plot-Playing Game) or living story in which readers decide the course of future chapters. It involves choosing a given option and rolling for it at the end of each chapter. No chapters are pre-written, so updates will be slow, but they can… Read More
A persuasive paper about the American electoral college system and its flaws. I never intended to post it here, but I love this piece so much I decided to anyways. Let me know what you think. Read More

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July 14, 2013

Today's subject is voting. We take it for granted in this country. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Article of the Week! First edition, please read to vote for next weeks topic as well as find out more about AOTW entries! Live, Laugh, Enjoy - A. Read More
It’s November 6, 2012, election day all across the nation and Mayor Sarandon fights for his political life, meanwhile, Brennan lands in the hospital after an accident and Ryan tries to stay by his side, Ethan and Kimberly host an election watching party and meet two neighbors who remind them… Read More
Like Elmer Fund never said, "It's Political Season" Read More
Voting for 'A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words' Each chapter contains the description and instructions for voting for each entry. Read More

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February 02, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

We start making choices and suffering consequences from a very young age. Young girls need to realise this and this play is written to assist them in spreading the word - You Choose You Life, You Vote, so think about it. Read More
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One radical idea is, to reassemble Americas voting system to a National Majority Rules system. Read More

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Right this is the voting novel for all the fans of people who are reading and liking some of the pieces in the competition then say so. Each page will have the author and title of their piece. Then all you fans need to do is leave a comment on… Read More
FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE READ MY NOVEL "PYX ACADEMY." Ok, so I was bord, and I had a fun thought: let's have a character vote to see who is the most favored and least favored in my story, and who is in-between! XDDD Read More

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September 05, 2008

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A poem Read More
A little haiku I came up with a while ago about America's terrible voting system. Read More
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