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Well in my life the main person that loves me the most has to be my mom... A mothers love means everything to a child... Read More
Story Of A Young Boy Whose Mistakes, Takes Him To An Unknown World Making Him To Lose All Connections From Loved Ones. Read More

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Rhyming four lines all start with the same letter, in this case "W", and fulfill Who, What, When & Where. Read More

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Meet my best friends: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc. Read More

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I’m in a musical at my theater company. It’s a thursday and we’re about to perform the last song in the show. I’ve been working up the courage all day to tell him. I keep stalling and making up reasons not to. I told my friends that I was going… Read More

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in a time where once you make contact with your soulmate for the first time, your sight changes and you can see color for the first time, follow a girl named violet, in her life, where she's always become different and always will. Read More

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it's all about what to do in keeping your woman Read More

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