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"No one will love you if you're unattractive, so don't be dramatic it's only some plastic." ~Melanie Martinez Read More
Micheal Dawson , your normal chubby , short , wild haired , spiderman wanna be is about to get ... Pretty Fucking Awesome . Seriously , Wolves and Swords and Love and Hot chicks ! What more can you ask for ? If that's incest , this book doesn't have… Read More
after stumbling across an open account Amirah finds shocking things about her bestfriend. Read More
It's a poem about my first proper girlfriend. Which was kind of a big mustake as she was ugly and a real bitch. Not quite sure what I was thinking... Well it's kind of more of a rap than a poem. Oh, and some of the rhythms change, so you… Read More
It was a rap I wrote in 10th grade...wow...looking back on this I thought I was sooo cool, and I'm obviously wrong! Haha. Read More
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