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Violet has suffered from the beginning. She was abandoned by her parents and lost the most important person in her life. But becoming a Vanguard caster has given her a new family, and a strength she never knew she had. But the world is turning to shadows. An old enemy… Read More

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In 1975 the war for the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people came to an end. America’s self-induced nightmare had also come to an end. The American and South Vietnamese governments’ efforts and strategy had failed. The war was over. Read More
They met in the darkness. Brandon a mortal. Ezekiel a Shifter. Pain and loneliness brought them crashing into one another. Their meeting will be the first dominoes in an epic saga that branches through not only time, but blood as well. Broken Bonds will come too light. A new Bond… Read More

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When war strikes the lands of Obscuria, a woman called Melinda and her boyfriend are forced to part ways. However, she won't let it stay so. With no friends and family left to back her up, she rides off to the battlefront. There, she sees what horrible things the enemy… Read More
War is always ugly and unclean. The Vietnam war was no exception. However, there was one major difference with this particular conflict. There never was, nor had there been, an intention to win. And, unfortunately, it was evident to the boys and men in the fields, swamps and jungles of… Read More

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Shattered Crown: Hero of the North is the first book in a proposed series called Shattered Crown. It centers around the twenty-two year old mercenary, Leon Aerius, during the Second Elven Invasion of Andek. Andek is his homeland, where he returns to ether get rich or die. He doesn't care… Read More
Where have all the young men gone? I see only shadows in the light. Where have all the brave men gone? Read More

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Plot Sara Dashwood has always been afraid of rejection. Sara did not have many friends because of her fear Sara’s roommate Susan has always used people and she did not care about hurting anyone. Susan starts dating a soldier named Charles. Charles leaves for active duty. Susan agrees to write… Read More
I am a Vietnam Veteran. And as such, I was a participant and not simply an observer from afar. I was there in the hot humid days and in the endless lonely nights. I saw the despondency in the eyes of my fellow soldiers, and I heard the despair and… Read More
Even as the pandemic waned in year-end 2021, the world is replunged into chaos and despair when monsters suddenly invade Earth similar to top-hit novels from South Korea. Hope seemed to shine for humanity when a mysterious system that resembled a game moderating AI granted every human a chance for… Read More

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Poem / Poetry

May 31, 2021

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After watching the Norwegian tv series Atlantic Crossing. I wrote this poem about the beginings of WWII and todays WWIII. Just replace thinking of FDR with Biden, Germany with China and princes with prices. The political game is the same and will never change. Read More

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At a time of uncertainty and anxiety, when we are isolated and separated from the world around us and from those who complete us and sustain us, we find ourselves mentally imprisoned by ignorance and the incongruity and absurdity of our own imperfections and vulnerabilities. Read More

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Under cover of a nuclear bombardment, a team of teenage infiltrators enter orbit around the Moon - a new front in a war against a fully networked enemy. Combat specialist Lothian is an early casualty, sent plummeting to the lunar surface - until a voice from the distant past offers… Read More

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Halo: Array - A slipspace portal into the Halo Universe for your uninitiated friends and family... This copy is a draft. Expect typing mistakes, incorrect word use, narrative inconsistencies, unintentional repetition and general flow issues. These will be rectified upon completion. Original art is in the works for the cover.… Read More
Memorial Day is our day to honor and mourn our soldiers – ordinary men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice – laying down their lives, mostly without choice or option, other than to walk through distant and silent valleys to certain death, in places far from their humble roots… Read More
As a writer I have my good days and my bad days. My good days are those where I can sit behind my computer and write about things that inspire me or motivate me. Things that stimulate and arouse my intellect and passion. My bad days are those where I… Read More

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Yellowy balls of light Whooshing ‘cross the battlefield, Upon this unholy night; War is raging ‘pon the land And neither side will yield, They know it’s, 'stand or die!' Read More
Hate, bigotry, racism and prejudice was always here. It never went away. It was just hiding behind closed doors, inside ordinary houses, in All-American neighborhoods, and beneath the waving flag of liberty. Hate, bigotry, racism and prejudice gathered every Sunday across America in churches, cathedrals and houses of worship of… Read More
I saw the creature that is war, and I saw it devour and consume the innocence that was me. It was ruthless and pitiless, brutal and unfeeling. It was the hidden fiend within the hardened heart of the human beast within. Read More
I remember the many days and endless nights. I remember friendships and bonds that only a war can make. And I remember after all these many years, the emptiness that forever shrouds a human soul at having seen and heard the suffering, the agony and the death of dreams that… Read More
Thanksgiving. A celebration of our blessings and our bounties, but also a celebration of courage and of the struggles and tribulations that helped to make America. . . . . I remembered one particular Thanksgiving Day celebrated, or rather, simply tolerated, . . . Read More
I continue to hear the sounds of war, and I continue to see the images that war has seared into my throbbing mind. A toxic combination that wakes me in the night and exhausts the serenity of the darkness and the silence that only dreams can bring. Read More
We were soldiers in an undeclared war, afraid to die, and afraid to cry. We were no heroes or brave young warriors. We were just innocent and naïve young boys and men, caught in a maze of entangled webs of lies and deceit. Read More

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I was one of the lucky ones. I did not earn, nor do I deserve gratitude. I, and so many others, who experienced Vietnam, were just lucky. And now, we cope and hide the tears as best we can, and try to sleep through the night, and through the memories… Read More
How do you say goodbye to someone snatched from your life in the blink of an eye? How do you begin to grieve before you even understand the reason why? How do you begin to accept the unacceptable and inexplainable? Read More
Have you ever been lost in a dream, wondering endlessly through the corridors of time, glimpsing images in mirrors of unremembered faces and places? Have you ever felt the coldness of a stare or an unwanted glance that told you more than words could ever say? Read More
I believed in so many things growing up along the Rio Grande. I even believed in dreams and was told I could make my dreams come true if I just strived hard enough and believed. I believed in family and in friends, and I believed in God and the promise… Read More
How cruel and brutal honor and courage can be. How cold and quiet and desolate are the fields where honor died, and courage veiled its pain. I have seen and felt the loneliness where boys and men crumpled, collapsed and died. Read More

Tags: death, honor, war, died, courage

There is an obsession within me – a magnificent obsession – to remember the voices now silenced, and to recall the unrealized dreams of those plucked from existence, without resistance – needless mortalities, brutal, barbaric, cruel and insane. Read More
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