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A look at Ancient Rome and its emperors. This book focuses on the time period after the assassination of Emperor Commodus in 193 CE. Learn about the conflicts that almost collapsed an empire. This is history in a nutshell so to speak. The aim is to get people interested in… Read More
In a land called Obscuria, there is a war going on. The country is defenceless against a powerful enemy who's got many followers, but despite all of that, its civilians refuse to lose hope. The greatest reason for that is the existence of Melinda Grey, a legendary warrior whose skill… Read More
A decade-long war between cross-continental human nations has taken its toll on the planet, and the oceans between them. When humans begin dredging up and capturing ocean-dwelling miernes - sirens in their own right - to engage in biological warfare, mother of two, Qellsala, finds herself trapped in a conflict… Read More
They are a different human species, the Homo Superiors, believed to be the next link in the chain of human evolution. Each is born with a unique mutation, which at puberty manifests itself into extraordinary powers. They call themselves the Genus, and can only reproduce among themselves as mates. Read More
Long ago, when the world was at war, a government arrivied and waged peace. They untied the world into one country, Cityworld. Read More
The sun covers us all irrespective Read More

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Occult, witchcraft & dark magick poetry. Copyright The Elusive Mr Dunne.. (All rights reserved) Read More

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After years of military service, Colonel Thomas Anderson and his wife Captain Amanda Anderson decided it would best for their family if both left the Military. Thomas and his family had several run-Ins with a clandestine group calling themselves The Agency. Thomas, Amanda and their best friends, Demetrius and Taylor… Read More

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Tom's encounter with the Agency was a turning point in his life. Impressed by his dedication, skills, and unwavering loyalty to his country, the Agency recruited him for their operations. Tom underwent extensive training in various forms of combat, intelligence gathering, and covert operations. His natural abilities, combined with his… Read More

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Reggie Vaughn attains the rank of general but he knows he is in over his head. His eventual failure is his downfall. Based on true events. Read More
A book about the ancient history of Rome. Book 2 focuses on the years after the death of Emperor Nero. Learn about the conflicts and people that formed the latter part of the year 69 through 192. This book focuses mainly on the emperors. It’s history “in a nutshell “… Read More
He woke up to the sound of gunfire and screams. He grabbed his shotgun and ran to the window, looking for the source of the chaos. He saw them, the undead, swarming the streets and attacking anyone in sight. He saw blood, fire, and smoke everywhere. Read More
"Unknown Soldiers" is a poem by Max Burchett that reflects on the collective sacrifice and memory of countless unnamed soldiers who gave their lives in wars throughout history. The poem is inspired by a Memorial Day experience that prompts the speaker to contemplate the countless tombs honoring those whose names… Read More
This story is based on real events, one of thousands that happened and are happening now during Russia's attack on Ukraine Read More
A muse is the extension of a maven, the embodiment of one's ambition. At least that is what the necromancers of the Feather clan would have everyone believe... Aspect, Legna, Loa, Muse; they go by many names and have many uses. The Lion clan prefers a more honest classification... Slave.… Read More
The poem “Glory to the Departed” by Max Burchett is a reflective poem on the theme of freedom and the sacrifices of those who have fought to secure and maintain freedom. The poem is told from the voice of one who has died in the cause of freedom and is… Read More

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Political leader, at political meeting is converted into ironic abomination. Read More

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A story about the dominance of touch with a spy and war backdrop. The story contains adult themes that combine sex and death. Read More
This poem explores the impact on the world of the first atomic bomb and on Oppenheimer himself. Read More
This is just a quick blurb about my experience with love. Read More

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A medieval fantasy novel. Shay's dream is to explore the world, but he cannot. He is an inexperienced yet vital military presence for the nation of Livaria. You'll discover more about the rich history and world along with him as he becomes a wiser and more competent pillar for his… Read More

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NOTE: SECOND BOOK IN A SERIES! Times are hard for Kita and her new friends. One moon has passed since Corelia downed the Zyrean spirit-walker in battle, and she is still in her death-like coma. Things have been strange for all of the Northern Territories, but now it turns into… Read More

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About religion and war. Read More

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This is a true story about my first taste of combat in Iraq, it’s not glamorous and I won’t write myself as a hero or some type of super soldier. This story is the truth as I remember it. Read More
Two soldiers sacrifice themselves. Read More

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History of The World Read More
This is history in a nutshell so to speak. Learn names, dates and events. The focus here is Ancient Rome. From the Republic to the emperors, this book ( Book One) focuses on the rise of the Republic to the end of the Julio- Claudian line. This book is to… Read More
The journey of a man from an unknown place to his home while at it he's going to meditate about what he sees interweaving memories. Read More
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