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Rylie Davis, a human slave, has a secret. For as long as she can remeber, Rylie has lived as a slave to those born better than her. Those with magic. Although she too harbours strange powers, they are of no consequence when the most important thing in Rylie's life is… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is the anime/manga that I want to create. . .even if it might not ever happen. Kita is a pariah among her race, the Aubade sylphs. With only two friends and a bad reputation, her life is not going too well. Especially with the constant, strange… Read More

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The survivors have lost too much. Their escape of the country, their home in Mexico, their camp in New York. Coty, Maddie, Julian and now Spencer. They're fed up with it, and now they're ready to fight. After sailing to the mysterious island in the middle of… Read More
What follows the red rider. Read More

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Another essay for social studies that I wrote... Read More
The knights of the black cross and one of their many exploits. Read More

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Armistice Remembrance Day... A family torn apart by war Lest We Forget Read More
‘War And Peace Among Nations’ is a reflection on what takes place in the psyche of any nation at war, and how its events shape and affect the life experience of even its youngest and most vulnerable members. I hope that my impressions of how the events of those traumatic… Read More

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November 10, 2018

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Having magic became a death sentence. Not an immediate death, but death would surely come. Drafted to defend the land of Tembria, they fought beasts who mercilessly destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives in a hopeless battle. After all, who could destroy the unkillable? They were all angry. They… Read More
A sergeant during the first world war leads his men into battle in a last stand to defeat the enemy. Read More

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Five hundred and four years into the rule of the Preminan dynasty warfare has broken out across the nation of Haratak. Chaos and bloodshed are widespread as lords fight lords, families attempt to rise above the warfare, and cunning officials and brave men and women look to distinguish themselves in… Read More
Commercé, the continent overrun by a perpetual storm and to some degree perpetual money. Humans and Kraeka both have fought over it in colony form and Rin has somehow gotten stuck in this fight by joining the Hunters. Never trusted to be strong enough to any real work she just… Read More

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November 09, 2018

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The animals of the world engage in a great war. Only the mighty Tiger nation remain neutral. But for how long? Read More
This time, speed won’t be enough! New enemies rise and it’s going to take more than the ZPD to stop them. Read More
Corporal Alan Johnson stuggles to get past the horrors of war in this story of courage in a darkest hour. Read More
It's 2095... and the apocalypse. It's not zombies or the sun exploding. The dinosaurs have returned, killing everything in sight. In less than five years, over ninety-five percent of all human life had been brought down to extinction. But there are survivors. Meet Tobias. A young, teenage boy on… Read More
The poem expresses my view that some of the obvious roots of World War Two can be found in World War One. Read More

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This is a poem about the war poet Wilfred Owen who died a hundred years ago on November 4th. Visiting his grave in Ors always makes me think about the waste of human life and talent during The Great War.. I wrote this poem on the 4th of November 2018.… Read More
A man is faced with a test he was never prepared for: war. Out of depth he struggles to save the ones he loves, and those he is responsible for in a time of severe turmoil. Read More

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NOTE: THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES - DO NOT READ IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOURSELF FROM MAJOR SPOILERS!!! This is still the anime/manga that I want to create. . . Times are hard for Kita and her new friends. One moon… Read More
London, England, 1943 During the height of World War II, London spy Donald Richardson, a young spy, gets involved in a plot that threatens the United Kingdom. When his life is put in grave danger, he struggles to survive during the most tumultuous period in the nineteen forties. Read More
this story is about Janey a young lady battling with Jamey her bestie's sexuality and having a wonderful and loving boyfriend. Ron doesn't know about Janey's battle to try to keep her lesbian friend at bay but she is gradually failing. Will she end up giving into her besties advances… Read More

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October 21, 2018

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Mythology and history is combined in this rhythmic poem about ancient battle. Read More

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October 21, 2018

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Three stories about colonialism: I - Tale of Twas recalls a case of intra-colonialism - one group of Africans attempting to usurp the land of another group with catastrophic consequences. II - Tale of a Belgian Nun or the role of the church in colonial activities. III - Tale of… Read More
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