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A tale of the last stand outside the holiest city on Earth. Read More

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A poem set during a war about a couple separated by the conflict. Read More

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MOTHER EARTH IS WEEPING Look to the sky, see the dying trees. The ocean’s all polluted, from oil refineries. Can you tell by the sky’s color, if it’s day or night? What happened to the bees? They’ve gone from sight. Mother earth is weeping When… Read More

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"A thought provoking and very poignant message indeed. crafted expertly." Read More

Being forced to find a suitor during Coronation Season for the first time in her kingdom’s history, Thea Griesling’s dream of becoming the sole queen and Grand General of her kingdom seems lost. Now being thrust into the unfamiliar world of sweeping ball gowns and charming princes, she must… Read More

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“I don’t seek to destroy humanity. I seek to redefine it." In the year 2156, mankind’s failed attempt to harness the power of the Sun plunges it into a world of perpetual darkness, where hope is scarce and despair is contagious. With the surface world scarred by… Read More
I have two brothers and a lot of friends who are or were in the military. I wrote this for them. Read More
The third crusade was a subject of many films, novels, and so much more. It was also my favorite moment in history and deserves a piece in its own right. Read More

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Welcome to the year 5684, the world has fallen to chaos. Countries have divided into war mongering factions hell bent on destroying each other. Humanity is looking to wipe itself out, among their arsenal for destroying each other, as they have run out of nukes, are the war beasts.… Read More

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August 06, 2018

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a caged in battlefield with all four bases. Read More

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in a scramble for power, who will dominate all? Read More

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Seven kids are destined to rid their land of an ancient evil. Three are prophesied to make it until the very end. One is the key to everything, and he or she will have to make the ultimate decision between the world, living, and their true love. Along the way,… Read More

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August 04, 2018

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These poems are about war Read More

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Untold Miles of Lawless, Apocalyptic Roads "This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me? …hello? Is anyone out there?" The end of the world has given us a harsh, merciless existence, where nature tries hard to push humanity to the very brink of extinction. Everything is against… Read More
NOTE: THIS IS THE THIRD BOOK IN SERIES, DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ BOTH BOOK 1 AND 2, OTHERWISE THERE WILL BE MAJOR SPOILERS This is still the anime/manga that I want to create... Ever since Kita found out that she was possibly… Read More
It started as a normal day. It ended with the end of the world as we knew it. The bombs fell, the world grew silent. We survived...but for what? Read More
This piece of work is dedicated to Kim; Then, also in an extended way, to all of you lovely ladies who have inspired the spark of it's creation... A Happy Birthday, & blessed life to those who are so special to the rest of us all... Passionate; The act of… Read More

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July 28, 2018

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It has been 10 years since the world is plunged into war and 5 years, since the young king of men, the calculating Erik IX systematically united it. With conditions. While the humans gather wealth and rejoice in the walled city of the Capital, all that is left of the… Read More
TRDNT is an immense underwater facility, one of mankind’s greatest concerted efforts to engineering, as well as a symbol for international cooperation. As long as TRDNT stands, so do all other nations of the world. But one day, everything changed. The boy is all that is left. He is… Read More
After graduating from college, the main character, Austin, celebrates his graduation and is sent to Venus to work for the army with his dad. Along the way, he runs into his childhood friend, Tom, which is in the army for a strange reason, battles alien space crafts, and has… Read More
The Hell for both friend and foe lies in the leaves of the jungle and behind the sights of a rifle. Read More

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fiction Read More

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mature writing for sixteen and older. marri is a "average girl" until she turns eighteen and everything gets turned upside down by her own mother. Read More

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A story about a war that happend a long time ago Read More

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With the music of The Shirelles playing in their ears, a boy and girl join forces to take on the world. Read More
A discussion of the similarities between the geopolitical situation just before the Great War and the one at present. Read More
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