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The use of a secret weapon to end a century old conflict. Read More
One man, a hero, leads a rag tag band of survivors and makes an army out of them, the foundation blocks for a community, a community that builds into a cohesive vanguard of humanity. The last survivors. Read More
In an alternate universe where Germany had gained support from Japan and China during World War II, a captain guides his arguing rag-tag team of soldiers through the war front. After being caught behind lines, the team of twenty run deeper behind lines as eighty enemy soldiers pursue them.… Read More

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The Science Fiction House

The year is 2048. Humanity has achieved a feat that it has striven for for several decades. A virtual world capable of unlimited programming. This technology exists entirely within the hands of U.S. military. Under the guise, "Project Shadow", soldiers practice live combat within a simulator capable of creating a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The kingdoms of Regal and Dremus are at war. The general of the regalia army, corrupted and ruthless against his foes, kills off many of their forces. In a panic the general of dremith army suggests assassination of the higher power. And the retaliation is brutal.. Read More
In an alternate reality where history differs from our own. In the 17 century ,America and China are at war,Cowboys Vs Ancient Chinese Warriors. China was in it's Qing Dynasty with it's leading war General ,Zhide leading the assault on the American Cowboys. One day,gunpowder is invented… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It wasn't magical or awe inspiring. It was tragic and final. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A pawn in the game is all we are. Read More

Tags: war, conquer, king, chess, pawn

Sniper in WW2 in a unwinable battle against the allies. The Germans suffer a terrible defeat by the hands of the Allies and some routing soldiers get shot in the back. Read More

Tags: war, wwii, route, ww2

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The Booksie Classic House

The land is dying, and so are her people. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

*A snippet of a novel* For centuries, two forces have battled within the cluttered confines of the Dark Wood. One, resisting the enemy force to fulfill a debt owed; the other, seeking to eliminate their opponents so they may wage war on their true enemy to the west. Now,… Read More
A thousand word flash fiction piece in honor of the nomination of John Bolton to National Security Adviser. Read More

Tags: war, bolton, trump

A traumatized man is helped to regain his memories, but at what cost? Read More

Tags: war, mars, spiders

A collaborative work by Authors Kathrina Csernis, aaron.austin, AnikanDarkness, rickybelmont and Reku! Read More

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The ~We Are Writers~ House

Sally Alex Williams is a girl with a past life as a goddess. She joins the Resistance, but finds out that the leaders were not the kind of people she expected them to be. Sally starts to remember her past life and powers along with the rest of her… Read More
Chapter one of my current work in progress The Enther Chronicles: Watcher's Without Eyes. The story is set to follow 2 characters in the midst of a civil war between the Capital of Enther and the Rebellion. However, as the heroes will find out, nothing is as… Read More

Book / Poetry

March 16, 2018

Some stuff I wrote. Read More

Tags: poetry, war

it about life experiences what i have witness the different lifestyles in the ghetto Read More
This is the first chapter of a short story I hope to finish in the next few months. I am looking for any comments on what I've done. Thanks for reading! Read More
The Reflections of a Revolutionary Boy gives a glimpse of a young soldier on his way home. Read More
A boy who lived in the shadow of his father, and all that his father created turned against him in a story of grit and strategy. Surrounded by countless enemies, insecure peers, jealous family members, friends posing as spies and a mother who is adept at secrets and the… Read More

Tags: war, sex, reality, strategy

An infantryman writes about a harsh experience in Nam Read More

Tags: war, vietnam, combat

My first attempt at poetry. Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 08, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem about an unknown soldier who watches a turn of events. Read More
this book is about mike and his friends, sally, bob and cortana. mike wakes up to gunfire and soon finds his friends. but bob is wounded so they get help blah blah blah read the story already! Read More

Tags: horror, humor, war

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