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This book tells of God’s goodness, his mercy, his grace, and his love for the human race. This book offers encouragement, and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Are you facing difficult challenges in your life? Are you going through hardships? Do you have questions about faith, and why God sometimes… Read More
if death was to be peaceful Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Witness a journey that was decided by one being. A demon's choice chooses weather he or she will live, or die. The demon lord, Thantra, created a shard that would give him unlimited power and the strength to take over the world, yet all that has heard of such power,… Read More

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October 05, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Who are you. I know who I am. Me. Read More
As a Trained Thief, the country of Katary was a place of good pickings for Kora aslo known as the red butterfly. Joining at the age of 6 to put food on the table for her lower class family with no dad around, Kora learns as she gets older and… Read More
She doesnt have a clue whats going on the morning shes taken from her 'home' and landed in a werewolf camp. A wars going on, one apparently she started. But her memories been wiped clean and she doesnt remember her bestfreinds, mabey sister and potential boyfriend? Its Up to her… Read More
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