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A nuclear weapon is heading for the heart of New York City, a lone man tries to come to terms before the end. Read More
After fear of a terrorist attack at home, Americans go into mass hysteria. Through all the madness and violence, the rich men still stand tall in an illegal arms trade to anti-Muslim hate groups. Read More

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A weak tribe name the Romen were threaten of being conquer or disappear from the face of the earth then years later the got a new leader their first leader and he train the males in combat then as they got a military they started to grow years have passed… Read More

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During the year 2040=2050 a new army come out attacking poland and then making poland fall into its knees.Then the reborn of the Prussian kingdom come back after so many years. Being a axis country wanting to take over the world it makes allies with russia germany and other countries. Read More

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"War some will ask what is it good for. civilians answer: absoulutly nothing. my answer: it made me who i am. i was essentually created for war, i wasnt always a specially trained killer, nor did i want to be, i was forced to be. after i stopped resisting, i… Read More

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Elderely Confederate Civil War veteran tells how he met Union General George Thomas, and how it changed his life. Read More
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