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A short story that I am working on that takes place in the war of the gods series Read More
What a world of women is without men Read More
Please take into consideration that this story contains profanity and violence when deciding whether or not you wish to read. If it were a movie it would be rated ”R”. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy. Read More
She hadn't gone to Scotland looking for love, but... While on vacation at McLeod Castle in Scotland, Gwen Mackenzie has nightly dreams of an ancient warrior bound by a curse. During the day, she sees Niall, nicknamed #ScottishBoyfriend. She clicks a few selfies with him in the background. Oh, and… Read More

Book / Fantasy

April 01, 2019

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The Fantasy Realm House

Amarynn is a Traveler. She was stolen from her home - brought to a violent, unforgiving world and reinvented as an immortal warrior whose only purpose is to serve in the Legion at the pleasure of the king. For the last 20 years she has been trapped in her young… Read More
A warrior in life had to fight many battles of life, either win or lose.. Read More

Tags: life, silent, warrior

Short Story / Fantasy

September 24, 2018

A Short Story about a Warrior that gets his eyes opened by a gorgeous elf Read More

Book / Fantasy

September 14, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Winter Dehymn keeps a lot of secrets and scars, after escaping death she found herself being saved by Prince Marcus and paying her life debt by staying at the stone castle while she keeps her identity from them. She is playing a dangerous game, and Winter needs… Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 31, 2018

This was a poem I wrote to my abuser. I was sexually abused as a child by someone who was supposed to be my protector but ended up being my nightmare. Read More
The spoutin' fountain living without sin can move mountains, do not doubt him. Out and about loudly shoutin' from tops of houses feeding crowds of thousands. He has aroused now every knee shall bow than. I'm scoutin' for the one I count in. I won't amount to him, but… Read More
A poem I wrote for my game, "The Onion Knight". I have put the project on hiatus, but I was bored. As I work on it more, expect more submissions. Read More
It shall begin, Lucian's quest for a relic within a location of myth of legend, a location known as Winkle Mountain. Lucian is in search of the relic to end to reign of chaos from the evil gentlemen but little is known of his name and history. Will Lucian's quest… Read More
Neptar, a planet long forgotten through time. It's inhabitants have endured trail after trial, but none as great or as powerful as this. Join Mistery in his quest to stop an ancient evil from arising and bringing an end to Neptar. Watch as Mistery's story unfolds and his life… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

*A snippet of a novel* For centuries, two forces have battled within the cluttered confines of the Dark Wood. One, resisting the enemy force to fulfill a debt owed; the other, seeking to eliminate their opponents so they may wage war on their true enemy to the west. Now,… Read More
This is going to be a book series. It is based loosely on a Chinese Martial Arts called WuShu. You may see similarities of some movies or TV shows, but this is not fan fiction . I do love comments. This is my first attempt at writing. Read More
This story involves a whole new fantastical spin on the whole EQG universe. Read More

Book / Romance

January 26, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A self narrated story of a life warrior. Read More
Two men set out to slay a monster. Read More
An unusually sentimental short story I wrote a while back, and perhaps the first snippet of prose I've ever published online. Technically a piece of fan-fiction for those who might recognise the names. Read More
A poem about a well-known hero in modern times...of all times, indeed Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's a great historic action, drama and romantic thrilling war. Read More

Tags: loser, warrior

Set on the East African coast during the 15th century Arab slave trade, a slave girl turned gladiator contemplates before her second foray in the arena. Read More

Tags: love, revenge, warrior

Poem / Poetry

October 29, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

If I had my way, I would change the 'Heavenly Ones' but such power is not within me. The Heavenly Ones are the planets. That's why I knocked up this poem. Read More
Such is life. Read More
One land divided into three. The Sun Gazers, The Night Creepers and the combination of their blood in between. Will Nubia trade her place to be queen to save her land or will she let her sister, Amina, take the throne which she feels entitled too? Or will the… Read More
I wrote this, in 2017. It's part of my 8th poem set, Chosen Fate. Read More
when francesca's mum mysteriously dies her dad moves her to a secret estate where she learns about her heritage and where she comes from. Read More

Tags: love, school, warrior

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