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Darkness will come to take the forest away from the clans. The five warrior clans have inhabited this land longer than any living cat can remember. However, when a deadly threat emerges it threatens to destroy the clans' way of life. Lines are being drawn, tensions are being raised with… Read More

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Book / Romance

March 11, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

this is based on a series called Warriors by Erin Hunter. I am only thirteen so please give me feedback on what you think of this and tell me how I can improve. the characters are wild cats who live in clans and follow a code. I use all of… Read More

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Book / Fan Fiction

December 14, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

This book follows a young Cloverkit into her destiny Read More

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Have you always wondered what would happen to a clan if a unknown disease struck them? How would the strong warriors react? Would the clan fall apart in the turmoil or would it remain strong? In this story, we will follow four cats, each with their own… Read More
It is leaf-bare in a cold, bitter two-leg nest. Wasp, a rugged tortoiseshell she-cat with white streaks live there in a loosely tied group of rogues. The whole of the nest itself is a clan of rogues, but they usually stick in families or smaller groups. Wasp herself is… Read More
It's a LONG story that breaks the fourth wall multiple times and has a lot of interactions between different characters from different universes and OCs. Read More
Forced to become a Medicine Cat, the young apprentice, Minnowpaw, tries to keep her secret love life with another apprentice a secret. Along the way, she has many challenges. Then, she finds out, it isn't about her secret love life... It's about survival. Read More
Accusing. Claws. Teeth. Blood. This is what it's like for FogClan. A cruel clan. Hidden away from the other clans, SandClan, BreezeClan, ReedClan, FernClan, and PineClan, they are independent. And worst of all; They don't believe in StarClan. Will they change their ways, or be evil forever? Read More
This is Rise of the Clans, book 1 of 6 in the series The Dark Prophecy. Thunder,Storm,Flood, Wind and Fire will come together and destroy the forest and all inside it. For moons and moons the cats of the clans have lived a peaceful life in their forest. But thats… Read More
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