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Set after Omen of stars #6 and it does contain spoilers so if you haven't read it yet I would not recommend reading this. Mainly focusing of Seedkit. Read More
A Warrior cat fan fic, about the lives of two young apprentices (One in Windclan, one in Starclan), as they fight through the snow and pain Starclan caused. Read More
6 cats from each Clan, whether it be queen, warrior, apprentice, leader or medicene cat from TunderClan, ShadowClan, SkyClan, RiverClan, and DarkClan are entered as tributes in the annual Warrior Games. What makes this bloody story different from any other? Duh, I am different cat, having my own uniqueness, but… Read More

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Prologue to Nightclaws Prophecy. Nightclaw use to be a bashful, friendly, and sweet little kit, but then became a tad bit crazy when she learned a prophecy. Read More
Terrifying beasts will storm the land, reeking chaos throughout each clan. Only the blazing fire can save cats' lives. That is what the clans need, if they are to survive. For many long seasons and generations, the four clans have settled at the lake, following the warrior code that they… Read More
Its moons after the original members of the Four Forest Clans have collapsed and died out. Now, in this thrilling FanFiction, the four Warrior Cats Clans have been reborn. Follow Tigerpaw, a ShadowClan apprentice, in her determination to become clan deputy and eventually leader. She's ambitious, but so is her… Read More
The warriors return, but in a new way... When a rouge kit is token into ThuderClan, Willowkit, she has trouble fitting in. But right when she's finally getting along with the clan, she get's capture by twolegs, and escapes to a place no other Clan has been, which will change… Read More

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this is how i'd have written warrior cats into the wild Read More
As Jayfeather is collecting herbs for his Clan, a mysterious stranger appears. Even stranger, he can SEE her! Read More

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The time of fire has come and now it is passing. With ThunderClan's noble leader dying, will Brambleclaw be able to lead his Clan well? Or die trying. Read More

Book / Fantasy

September 09, 2010

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From birth, Darkmoon strived to help her Clan. As the moons passed, she began to work harder, doing anything she could. Until, that is, when the new leader - Crowstar - shows his true nature. When the medicine cat tells of a prophecy involving a new Clan that no cat… Read More
When three ThunderClan kits, Nightkit, Greenkit, and Gemkit, are cast out over the lake to RiverClan in a storm, they are forced to become prisoners. When Leafstar, leader of RiverClan, decides he has plans for the kits, they are pushed to their limits to be the best, and forget their… Read More
Rainkit wanted nothing more than to be a loyal warrior for her Clan. But as an apprentice, Rainpaw's Clan mate Toothpaw is struck by the death of his mother and sister. Their unlikely bonding turns what might have been a peaceful story into Raingloss and Toothclaw's epic race for survival. Read More
These are straight decendents of the Saber Toothed cats. Read More

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This book is already finished, It's a warriors fanfic but I don't have anywhere to properly store it so I'm posting it on Booksie. Read More
Skyclan has been thriving since Firestar and his mate Sandstorm left- but everywhere Echosong, the young medicene cat looks there is a strange precence. After talking to Starclan, the warrior cat's ancestors, they told her to 'prepare for them, trouble will follow their arrival.' She has no idea what they… Read More

Short Story / Fan Fiction

February 01, 2009

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falcon can save or destry you Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

November 23, 2008

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Two WindClan warriors will reveal a dark ambition, forbidden secrets, and much more. Will they save the forest in time? Read More

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This is the sequel to my fanfic - Warrior: Clouded stars Wolfwing's kits are happy - Morningkit wants to dedicate her life to being a medicine cat, and Honeykit dreams of becoming a powerful Warrior. All that changes, though, when the Tribe is in trouble. Morningkit and Honeykit are willing… Read More

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My Land of the Warriors version of the series by Erin Hunter. A young apprentice, Wolfpaw, discovers her destiny to become MountainClan's greatest Warrior! Please comment! Read More
Please visit my site if you like the Warriors series by Erin Hunter! Read More
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