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Bluepaw is the young medicine cat apprentice of SnowClan. Her mentor sends her out to gather herbs and she finds herself face to face with danger. Read More
((SPOILERS INCLUDED!)) Based off of Warrior Cats, Scourge has risen from the dead,(even though that's literally impossible to occur)preferably to get revenge on Firestar. Read More

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A young kit named Nightkit, doesn't fit in her clan, nobody likes her as much, and when she finds out about her prophecy it made it more harder for her than it is now. Read More
RockClan, LeafClan, OceanClan, DarkClan, CliffClan, and the newest clan MountainClan, have a startiling past; they were apart of the ancient clans and tribe. Read More
when worlds of other worlds came together and an super evil is unlocked who can save them? follow naruto, yugi, kabai, sasuke, joey, yami/atem, bakure, ryo, marik, and malik in an a cool action adventure! naursas, puzzleshipping, puppyshipping, and more! Read More
this is for my home made writing chat room anyone can put it on youtube i don't care... Read More
Senka, one of the Alpha's of the Western Territory,is forced to make gut wrenching descisions and sacrifices as the Humans move deeper into their homes and begin to destroy everything they held dear. Time is running out and her fellow wolf packs refuse to believe anything should be done. The… Read More
scourge and killer(aka shystar) sing halloween Read More
This is a story about Greystar, leader of MoonClan, a Clan of Werecats. This is how he found out, was exiled from DragonClan for it, and rose to leader of MoonClan. Read More
EvilClan. A Clan built on laws of murder. The 'Scourge Clan' they call it. Tigerstar, the daughter of Hawkfrost, was raised here and became leader. Read on to find out her adventures of finding the good inside herself and others. Read More
Read about the young rouge, Scar and his adventures and expierences in the forest Read More

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This is the sequel to my fanfic - Warrior: Clouded stars Wolfwing's kits are happy - Morningkit wants to dedicate her life to being a medicine cat, and Honeykit dreams of becoming a powerful Warrior. All that changes, though, when the Tribe is in trouble. Morningkit and Honeykit are willing… Read More
Enjoy the adventures of Skypaw, the young, brave apprentice that has a special connection with StarClan, many things she does not understand, but must prove her courage and willingness by this strong path she walks in stars. Also enjoy the adventures of Thunderpaw, Skypaw's brother, as he learns what it… Read More
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