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She was orginally known as the genius doctor of one of the famous hospitals in 21st century. But this "genius doctor" title was just used to conceal her true identity as the most respected agent of a secret organization. In the middle of her team's mission, she unexpectedly fainted and… Read More
I wrote a poem about the full moon gatherings in the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. Thanks so much for reading! :) Read More
Bluepaw is the young medicine cat apprentice of SnowClan. Her mentor sends her out to gather herbs and she finds herself face to face with danger. Read More
The second book in the Cliffclan series, following several characters during a time of terror. Read More
A teaser of the second book in the Cliffclan series Read More

Book / Fantasy

June 29, 2018

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Every race has rights. The right to live, the right to govern, the right to their culture, the right to believe in their gods and the rights to their own traditions. But most important, the right to defend themselves. With that right comes the right to possess their own… Read More
An armistice promises to cease a years long war between two powerful nations. However before tensions can subside, a peculiar flower of legend blooms on the battlefield, spelling a bad omen to all. Read More
A well educated and physically fit man from earth who have lost everything in a tragedy. With nothing to live for he turn to the dark art, hoping to find a spell or curse that actually work so he can have his revenge on the people that cause him… Read More
This is Cliffs quest to becoming the founder of a great clan, Cliffclan. Read More

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Two warring Clans come together in a brutal battle where only one Clan will rise triumphant from the chaos and carnage of war. Read More

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"Wow, this was brilliantly penned, Celtic Scribe. Very bardic in the way you told it and full of that ancient battle magic. I especially loved th..." Read More

The tenth part in the ongoing Rising Star saga, this story focusses more on characters outside the Rising Star Training Academy and leads into the next big event. Read More
Kira, who's mother died at birth, struggles with her adoptive mother and siblings who all except one, call her a freak for her deformities. after being sent to be put down, Kira escapes.... and finds herself caught by the neighborhood dog pack who are known for running the neighborhood… Read More
"Beware fire's wrath, one false move and the code shall burn while the Clans turn to cinders." Firekit, besides being the Clan leader's son, is nothing but a normal, energetic kit. But as time passes, and as he witnesses one harsh reality after another, he grows closer to the edge.… Read More

Poem / Fantasy

September 04, 2017

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An so his warrior angels came, with wings of steel and swords of flame. Read More
Scar believed what any inexperienced ruler would: that he could do whatever he wanted. And he was never wrong. Read More
Discovering a dark secret that never should have been uncovered, a loyal CliffClan warrior finds himself questioning everything he's ever known. His strength shall be questioned. His loyalties tested. Will he be brave enough to save the Clan or will he collapse under the burden he must carry? Read More
Ebony, a young cat who works under the mysterious rogue known as Boss, is sent to spy on the newly arrived StrongClan. There he will find a happiness he never expected to know... only problem is that Boss wants nothing more for this Clan to be vanquished, and he'll do… Read More
Fawn's Spirit, a small, orphaned dog, finds herself a high ranking dog in a strange pack, The Pack of Raging Fires, tasked with finding allies with her fellow Shadow Dog, Acorn. She and Acorn are ordered to ally with the nearest pack, The Pack of Swift Lightning. However, helping them… Read More
Ferncloud didn't only die from the pain from the attack of the Dark Forest, but from her three kits, and she died from pain and blood trickling out. after that day, Lionblaze starts sneezing, and dies from sickness, naming a prophecy. Read More
"Destiny isn't a path any cay follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks the loudest. Listen to your heart. Because that's where your true destiny lies." "Snow will fall, fire will rise. But when snow covers fire, the forest is saved. But beware!… Read More
This is Rise of the Clans, book 1 of 6 in the series The Dark Prophecy. Thunder,Storm,Flood, Wind and Fire will come together and destroy the forest and all inside it. For moons and moons the cats of the clans have lived a peaceful life in their forest. But thats… Read More
A group of young warriors set out to find and kill a beast their elders warned them not to seek out. On their journey, they assign leaders that only speak around fires and in motivational speeches. The narrator, Meda, starts to doubt her allegiance with the warriors when they ridicule… Read More

Poem / Song Lyrics

September 17, 2016

Rage and fear are the best catalysts for driving humans on, but it is easy to dip into something beyond control. Read More
When Snow and Sleet hear plans of a badger attack from the leader Venus herself, they must try to unite the clans to fight together. But what can they do if they are the kits of rouges? Read More
A warriors Fanfic I came up with about FireClan and FrostClan, my two made up Clans. A young cat named Blaze and his followers follow the trail of a mysterious purple star, build up a clan, and finds out what truly matters. Read More
After long last the Lore warriors arrive! With them comes hop, but for some, this is the end. Lorain is struggling to survive, and Dranon has started a miraculous metamorphosis.There is a hidden plan behind the Commander's intentions. What is it? How is it going to work? Can it be… Read More

Book / Fantasy

October 27, 2014

Sister's with magical powers traveling with magical warriors. Read More

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Amazing, and I am a bore. Read More
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