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Waking Earth is a fantasy novel about the adventures of a pyromancer, Gojul, on his quest to end a war between two countries, named respectively Yusklim and Fortuit. He's aided by many allies, ranging from paladins to thieves. The tools of magic and morale are heavy on both sides of… Read More
A comparison that may change your view on the misunderstood character and autism, too. Read More

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Does the feeling of being born into the wrong world ever happen to find its way to your heart? It was a world that lacked everything; justice, freedom, equality and whatever a normal human wished to have. The world council separated the lands and created kingdoms with royal families and… Read More
this is a little thing i wrote about humans, hope you enjoy :) Read More

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One God's desire to rule over his siblings plunged the Heavens into a war that would end up destroying them and splitting the mortal realm into chaos. Read More

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November 11, 2018

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When we go about our day, lets remember those who gave their today's for our tomorrow's Read More

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February 06, 2018

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A young girl with shadow magic, who has been secluded all of her life, finds herself on a journey to unseal a kingdom and unite the realms in peace. She is joined by her new guardian Ren, but also chased down by multiple people trying to stop her from… Read More
The final days of the Grand Army of the Republic see the 442nd Siege Battalion face Recurring Droid forces in their planetary wide invasion of Cato-Nemodia. Clone Commander Doom and Jedi General Plo-Koon fight off the Droid resistance until order 66 is called upon. Read More
oh!! mark . world is in danger! humanoid robots are ready to attack and we gotta do something about this!! the amazing human and the robot war, fight or become slaves is the only two options. what's going to happen?????????? Read More

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Note from the author: This is to be a large continued series about a elite clone named Ace. This is a story about him, and his adventures. This is more than clone wars stories. A good portion will be based on the legends, and the expanded Star Wars universe. Prepare… Read More

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taken from my book, "I Gotta Find My Mind" Read More
Forget school: siblings Nicole, David and Ryan have something greater to worry about now. Their parents are dead, and the one trying to fill that void is extremely suspicious. What lies behind Vivienne Beaumont's guarded, dark brown gaze and thick black hair? Why is she trapping children and teenagers inside… Read More

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During the beginning of the Wars of the Roses, Lambert Simnel (Earl of Warwick) invites Phillipa on an adventure she will never forget... Read More
There's more to East Wing Academy than meets the eye. In fact, there's more to the entire front school system than Knightwatch Guild can uncover--but before they can get too deep into figuring out what is happening, the unusual members of the rebel guild find themselves the target of a… Read More

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I was kicking around the idea of creating my own Star Wars stories for awhile, so I decided to have a go at it. The main cast are characters that I myself created. I have never been too good at names, so yeah... These are the adventures of Jedi Master… Read More

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Wrapped mostly around email, the life of two teenage twins isn't always simple! Especially when college comes around the corner... Author Note: Yes, the Upper Merion Area School District is a real school district @ www.umasd.org (it won't work unless you add the "www"!) In fact, most of the street… Read More
Is global peace possible with western nations more interested in creating wars to sell their military hardware? Islamophobia is on the rise in the West....is it justified? Read More
This book will explain so key words that will appear in the second book. read this first. Read More
Regardless of what truth may consist of: when its base is a day billions worldwide believe in, honor or just associate with -- none, no, not one wants its actual origin. Read More
When God becomes an individuals only source for knowledge, all they learn, speak and write seems as foolishness to this world of natural minds. Read More
The absolute worst timesoftrouble are coming upon this entire human race with believers in God being the most ignorant simply because they all believe in themselves and this world of false teachers. Read More
If you were an eternal creator with plans for all you have created with purpose, this is but a brief view of how God sees this human race under the rule of the god of this world which will end when His kingdom comes - after humans have learned the… Read More
Its only those who look only to our Father that persist in their walk of life and learning what to do prior to and within these brutal, violent death filled end times coming upon this entire human race in ways they know not as the worst of the worst timesoftrouble… Read More
Because God is love, the only way to know Him in spirit and truth requires having His commanded love for others thru loving them as a person loves themselves, or do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Read More
What to Expect When Walking with God is in no way as all believers have been led to believe - but rather a difficult life, a hard life, a hungry life, a life of having little beyond survival, a life filled with false brethren through their very selfish ways and… Read More
Meat is what this world of religious babes on milk are never taught through the doctrines of man. As different body parts of our Head, all true believers have their separate function; therefore need each other because one body part cannot work properly without the other; and what that means… Read More
Only those of this world seeking truth from our creator on how to become no longer of this world as instructed can learn truth according to His words minus all the human words through human doctrines and human traditions which do no more than separate believers from God: so says… Read More
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