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Honour Series: Part 1 When Sir Reginald Stanford died, leaving nothing but debts, his eldest daughter, Verity, felt responsible for her younger brother and sister's future. The deeds of the estate were missing and no one, including their trustees, seemed willing to help. The only way to… Read More
What's in a name one might ask - well what's in a historical term one might add? Here are some idiomatic expressions and their historical meaning....just thought you might be interested to know.... Read More
leading up to the events where Lily went to meet up with Ryan at Kings Cross train station in London, she's rather worried about going to meet with him, and receives out to her boyfriend Razz on this matter, who tells her very firmly not to go and meet with… Read More
Lily Kettle finds herself spending some quality time with the father of her deceased boyfriend in the dark jungle in Mzzuan, the never ending maze. She happily takes to bounding with him there, but however are they about to catch up with someone in the maze who they seem to… Read More
Lily Kettle takes to preparing herself for battle! A battle is just about to break out in Mzzuan. Lily will have to stand both brave and tall alongside her friends if she is going to win the battle. Also take to returning to Narnia Read More
Continuing on with the many adventures that are now going on in the never ending maze of Mzzuan. There's a monstrous desert in Mzzuan. Three new people now take to arriving in it and they are both Tom Clarkson and his family. What will their adventures in Mzzuan hold for… Read More
This story begins on a very dark and dull day. Sadness fills the air in this episode as Mr Tom Clarkson takes to grieving over the loss of his only son Josh. Tom's family's in pieces as they come to terms with the fact that two wicked witch's slaughtered their… Read More
Tracy Beaker continues to search for her friend Lily Kettle along with her two new friends Tom Clarkson and Kyle Kevins. She journeys down to the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne in England with them both. Meanwhile Shannay continues to cause a great deal of trouble in Living village. Tracy… Read More
Lily Kettle continues to grieve over the death of her dear lover Razz Kevins. Razz's funeral takes place in this part of the adventure and Lily says some words to pay tribute to her fallen hero, but however not everyone at the funeral ceremony will approve of the words of… Read More
Dreams! That's the key word in this part of the adventure as people continue to enter their way into other people's dreams. Both Tracy and Razz continue their search for their missing friend Lily together. Will they ever find her or will they lose themselves along the way? Read More
A magical waterfall brings a young lad back to life from the dead when this part of the adventure begins, who is this young man though, well I suggest that you read on to find out just who on earth he is. Read More
Tracy Beaker sets out determined to track down her dear friend Lily Kettle just wherever she may be. It would seem that Tracy's able to both enter into and to explore other people's dreams. Cora seems to have been kidnapped by someone who's unlucky enough to be in grave danger… Read More
Lily Kettle has now been placed under a sleeping curse and in her sleeping curse she finds herself starting to have some rather weird dreams. She dreams of herself going back home to the Dumping Ground, but a lot of things seem to have changed there when she returns there. Read More
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