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After eighteen years, the investigation into the disappearance of Charlotte Langley is re-opened, much to the shock of her twin sister Erin. This is not the only shock in store, as an item from the past emerges which begins to unravel the mystery of the disappearance. As the questions which… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

John Hills has nothing but minimum clothes and a small bag. He recalls his life as a child, before everything went downhill. When he was 15, he and his sister are in a care home, whilst his brother is in a foster home. After John runs away, he is living… Read More

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Poem / Poetry

January 24, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Just my thoughts, inspired by Retro Timmy a fellow booksie writer. Read More
Some light into the story that stars for new season in making a dream gifted for our home. A simple humor that is so fresh. A home so loving dear your heart welcome some gifts for the days ahead. Let us add more humor for this blessings.!! Read More
The American dream, that so many are dying for, has been diluted over the years, as well as the life in the country for the citizens. The wealth of our country did not come free. The actual price, in human lives, we probably will never know but it grows every… Read More
Bailey Anderson is a city girl at heart, born and raised in downtown Manhattan. As the only daughter of the owner of the biggest family-owned oil company in the world, Bailey loves living her life in the fast lane, attending the best schools, partying in the hottest clubs, and dining… Read More
One day a student who use to be poor, arrives at school with a large sum of money, causing the other students to question how he managed to become rich after years of being bullied for being poor. Read More
An epitaph of a man's short lived partying life. I'm a beginner so any comments are welcomed! Read More
This song is for her, the one that never was. Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 14, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Envy, a hatchet, and a desire for revenge: a deadly combo. (Written for Angellyn's Pick or Choose contest.) Read More
The Sweeper sweeps away worthless lives to replace them with cleaner lives which have failed for some reason. (You might call her a 'Less Grim Reaper'.) Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 31, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Part of a series of rap battles with my younger 'gangsta' brother. Not a serious effort, more an example of the versatility of rhyme in an attempt to teach that hip-hop is always better with a point other than vanity, aggression and covetousness. Read More
An arrogant prepster enters a strange world and discovers his true destiny. Read More
Sam, an outcast from his village, explores the world in search of wealth and fame. Read More
A short poem about the diminishing society and country we live in. Read More
Hello!I am writing an opera, but I can't think of a title for it. I've posted a complete plot summery that hsould be helpful in naming it. Of course its quickly written and is one big spoiler, but thats okay. I just need a name for it so badly. Comment… Read More
A young woman enters a strange reality in which she learns a valuable lesson. Read More
Why, you might ask, am I writing this? To inform you, to let you know the signs. Not necessarily to persuade you of how not to become, but so you see the warning flags before you get hit with the shock of someone becoming totally fake. Or, maybe, this could… Read More

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Being poor is something not beautiful, it brings us down and make us feel unwanted in the society where we belong. It sometimes bring about low opportunity for us to get some things we should have benefited from. It makes even the poor to run from you cos you're of… Read More

Book / Romance

August 27, 2013

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When 14 year old Mallory Jonson meets 17 year old Eric Lynbrook she doesn't like him. The snobby rich boy gets on her nerves, but after spending time with him she starts to fall in love with and their relationship appears to be good, but she begins to question it… Read More
Contact High Medical Herbs a Space Journey {Summary} A fantasy history about hemp likewise the commonly related aspects on its usage and the wide assorted mix of beings who use it including an alien from outer space; the introduction of the prime setting for this story is the beautiful Island… Read More
umm.. if you are under 18 probably shouldn't read this story, and if you are easily offended or a bible thumper, (I kinda sin a lot in this story) just don't.. Read More

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epistle. poem. letter. poetry. boredom. Read More
So many individual are willing to become Achievers in life but few realize what and who an Achiever is. Some believe it takes having all the riches and wealth of this world but yet some have all these and achieve nothing in life. What characterizes the life of an Achiever?… Read More

Book / Young Adult

June 18, 2013

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Aranea Faith wasn't your average girl, in fact she was anything but average. She was born with a gift - a gift that would make poverty become a thing of the past. To possess the intuition of wealth is something very few humans have. She can walk into a casino… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A Ghazal in English. (A Ghazal is a piece of poetic composition that is made up like an odd numbered chain of couplets, where each couplet is an independent poem. Each couplet is called a sher/sheyr. The main common factor between various couplets is the rhyme and the refrain.) The… Read More
Alexandra Beau-whitley and her best friend Georgia May Rowlins have it all in their empire. Both from wealthy important families, they have attended the private school, Dartmouth grammar, since the early years and best friends since year 7 and haven't been separated since. When she finally meets Jackson Herondale-Silver why… Read More
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