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Cursed linguistics mix up and violate niceties for a tiny limerick story of the weird. Read More
Dedicated to Agnes Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013. Read More
There is still discussion going on about whether Jesus was crucified on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Read More

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March 01, 2017

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The BEST day of the week! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Superfluous Jacks A stand in the Vapor Mist trail deaf ears to Criers wail. Jackstand Alone amidst the crowbar Junkyard leaning hard on a windless day. Superfluous Jacks Kid at the Corner store no Change No Chore Super Clean Heat no Glory for evermore. No pantolones only remembered stories holes… Read More
Resurrection question Posture of a Being on a Rocking Chair Leaning Lazy Boy Palmetto Woods in Search Of a Harvest with Spade in Hand Land Grants a Grand Stand - a Full House. Enclosed blinds, seeking Blind. Wednesday Mornings ante Day of plenty Spent waterfalls, an Ivy Wall Vine twined… Read More
Theo is the world's very first actual artificial intelligence - a conscious machine. And by design, he is yet a child. If he is it possible he's the only one? Read More

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Wednesday Stevens was just another socially awkward teenager trying to survive yet another family move. One ill-equipped for what she would find in the forests of Shadyview. A story for those that love their stories packed with vampires, saving the world, and a just a bit of romance to give… Read More
READ PLZ!!! IF YOU DONT YOU MIGHT GO SAYING STUFF OR REGRET IS!! JUST READ IT PLZ DONT BE LAZY!!!! Okay sorry about that. Well this is my first story on here, and I am just writing for entertainment not for a curior or anything so dont go 'oh this… Read More
this is a short story i wrote for school last year. It's a bad attempt at a murder mystery. Read More

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What I'd feel or do on these days of the On your comment, what do you do or feel like on the days of the week? Your's truly...Don Vito Corleone. Read More
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