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Marijuana! The weed with the roots in hell! Is it the gateway drug that leads to harder drugs, smuggling, crime, and the horror and brutality of prison that the government is always warning us about? Drowning In A Sea Of Marijuana is a collection of flashbacks, essays, and short stories… Read More
this person is writing to somebody who has passed on and hopes to keep in contact with him/her through writing Read More
In the midst of the ghetto lives a young black man, raised by his mom to stay on a straight path he does everything he can to avoid trouble and maintain good grades in school. In this community he is seen as an outsider since the culture involves the typical… Read More
An Viet Nam vet, haunted by nightmares from the war, tries to self medicate his demons with booze and drugs. Which leads him down a path of petty crime, mental wards, drugs, murder, and prison. Read More

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I wrote this piece to see how I could play with the written word and see what kind of double meanings I could make out of it. Read and enjoy! Read More

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I never want to share my writing my mind ahh stuff, somehow I end up telling the world look at me I failed and i'm still trying Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 25, 2018

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This story describes my experience of 4/20 of 2018, where I smoked a lot of weed and did a lot of acid and had a very dark trip. I've wanted to share this story to both entertain and educate people that these drugs are not to be messed around… Read More
Life isn't simple and you'll know that when you'll meet Pratiksha Negi... Life is simple and you'll know that when you'll meet Ronak Sharma... Check out this horrible story which will make you laugh, emotional a bit, and romantic... Read More
When i start to get sensitive bout the world we live in... Read More
I'm still growing I've made tons of mistakes. Read More
I found this on my computer a few days ago. This story explains why I no longer smoke weed. Read More
Scott is a young man who just hit rock bottom. He lost his job, his girlfriend left him for another man, and she even took his dog. He had to move back into his moms house and has absolutely nothing going for him. No money no friends and no respect.… Read More
3 Friends are travelling to Chicago away from their parents while smoking weed and having the time of their lives along the way. Accidentally smoke weed laced with PCP. Read More

Tags: dying, travel, laced, weed, pcp

Love is funny thing u never know what your capable till you fall in love. Read More
In the poor side of town, a block party is turning into an apocalypse after the resident loner forms a bromance with an ancient evil entity. Read More

Short Story / Non-Fiction

December 11, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

a non-fiction short story written about an article, "2-year-old taken away from parents because they used marijuana, killed by foster mother" written by fox43 newsroom. http://fox43.com/2014/11/06/2-year-old-taken-away-from-parents-because-they-used-marijuana-killed-by-foster-mother/ Read More
I actually feel like this Read More

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Book / Romance

August 16, 2016

420 Love is the story of Ben Bron, who leads a company, which is developing new strains of weed, with his bro Rob Martons. The story tells about the life of Ben and what happens, when he meets her. Weed, munchies and love ,three things the world is full of. Read More
Some ppl struggle. some ppl don't. i 'm one of those strugglers Read More
I'm not very happy about this but I promise I would share with the world my insane views. Written under the influence of the sweet Mary Jane. what can i say love the Marley. Fighting is even harder Read More

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Lucian Beel ditches school with his best friends Shawn and Crass to go smoke weed in an adandoned mansion on Hell's Gates Canyon. It was rumored a satanic cult slaughtered many people to summon the devil at the Mansion. Lucian and his friends encounter demons in the basement of the… Read More
A humorous poem about wake & bakes. Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 25, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Need Be a WEED... Inspiration comes in many forms...sometimes it can be HUMOR... A weed is a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation, "a plant in the wrong place". Commonly plants unwanted in human-controlled settings ... NEED BE A WEED... Outside the box, I always thought… Always questioned the… Read More
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